November 13, 2009

Just a few things I’d like to mention:

  • I just heard someone mention not too long ago that it had been years since they had seen a Mary Kay pink Cadillac.  When they said this, I thought “I have NEVER seen one in person, now that I think about it.”  But, yesterday I crossed that off my list of Things I’ve Never Seen In Person.  At a stop light I looked at the car in front of me: it was a new model Cadillac with MARY KAY chrome letters on the back fender.  Upon further reflection I saw that it was a very very very pale shade of pink.  Now you know.  They still exist.
  • When I was a teenager I smoked cigarettes.  In my defense I’d like to state that I was born and raised in Kentucky (the tobacco state) where EVERYONE smokes!  Anyway, I kicked the habit when I was 19 and hadn’t really smoked since (aside from the few occasions I was visiting my girlfriends up in the K-Y).  But, when things started going haywire with my ex-husband in late 2007, I started smoking again.  I thought I would quit once things settled down … but then I met the City Boy, we moved cities, we have started businesses, he has switched jobs a few times, we bought a house, got a puppy, and are now stressing about wedding stuff.  So, I realized not too long ago that there would ALWAYS be an excuse to keep smoking.  So, I quit.  Don’t get me wrong … I don’t think you can call me a “cured person” just yet.  But, I haven’t smoked a cigarette since Sunday and they say if you can make it past 3 full days, you’re home free.  I don’t really want one at all.  And, when I do feel the urge coming on I just imagine that stale smoke smell that lingers in homes and cars of people who smoke, and that usually does the trick.  So, Yea! Go ME!
  • Am I the only one who gets absolutely disgusted by people who have no problem speaking LOUDLY in professional settings about private matters? 
  • It is COLD here right now!  When I stepped out of the office last night it was a mere 60 degrees!  I rushed to the car, turned on the heat and hit the Seat Warmer button.  I nestled in for the hour long drive home and was good and toasty by the time I got there.  But then the temps continued to drop all night (I think it bottomed out around 54 degrees).  Today is a little warmer, but still in the low 70’s.  Luckily, this weekend should be warmer.
  • We are having a Family Kick Ball Game next Saturday at a park in Orlando.  And, guess who is managing it?  That would be yours truly, right here.  I can’t wait!  Unfortunately, the City Boy will have to work, but it should be a good turnout.  I haven’t played Kick Ball since I was in 7th grade … I’ll never forget it.  It was the Fourth of July, and my family was having the annual HUGE party and fireworks display.  We had a baseball field on the property, which was being used for kickball during the party.  I was already kind of hormonal and snotty this particular day (ah, isn’t 7th grade awesome?) but my dad convinced me to join in and play, so I picked an outfield position (didn’t really want to be sociable I guess).  There I stood kind of drifting off in my own thoughts, when my brother kicks the ball and it came soaring … a line drive straight to left field where it PEGGED me right against the head.  I can still here the “PING!” and then everyone laughed.  I was so embarrassed and annoyed and nasty that day that I just started crying and made a complete ass of myself.  Not one of my most proud moments.  So, hopefully next weekend allows me the opportunity to redeem myself!!  It’s been a long time coming.
  • That’s all for now … we may be one dog lighter come Sunday afternoon  … I found 2 potential owners who both have plenty of land and plenty of time and patience to show Lexi.  Hopefully it all works out for the best on Sunday.  If not, we will be destined to live in a house with a baby gate blocking the stairs through eternity, with drool on my couch cushions, even though she’s not allowed on the couch, and dog hair EVERYWHERE, not to mention the “dog smell” that comes with having a large dog in the house.  Yuck! 


September 25, 2009

Calling all people who have “moved away” … please tell me if you ever do this.  Or, am I once again “the cheese that stands alone”?

I am from Northern Kentucky (the greater Cincinnati area) and live 910 miles away in Florida.  Since living so far away, whenever I overhear people talking about anything relating to Kentucky or Cincinnati I have the strongest urge to burst into their conversation just to say, “Hey!  I know THAT!” or “No, no, no.  You’ve got it all wrong”, or “Jerry Springer?!  Did you know he was the mayor of Cincinnati?  Did you know he got the boot for soliciting a prostitute? And that his show actually originated in Cincinnati and started out as a very calm, Oprah-esque experience?”  Of course, I usually just bite my tongue and squirm in my office seat instead.

Or, when I’m driving down the road and see a Kentucky license plate pass me, I always (if legally possible) speed up to get a look at which county the car is registered to.  Why do I do this?  Because, honestly, even when the car IS traveling from my home county what am I going to do?  Honk my horn like an idiot, knowing full well that the driver will have NO IDEA what I’m up to?  I’ve thought about putting a KY bumper sticker on my car just so KY passersby will understand why it looks like I’m stalking them on the road.  I do this also when anyone has a University of Kentucky sticker on their vehicle.

Maybe it’s the fact that I feel so unrepresented down here.  Or that I still feel so very “Kentuckian” despite that I’ve lived here most of my adult life.  For example, I hate wearing shoes!  Around the house, in my car especially.  When I go outside to check the mail, let the dogs in the backyard you better believe I won’t be wearing shoes.  So many people have issues with walking outside with nothing on their feet, but me?  I LOVE it! 

It seems that 95% of the Florida population are transplants from other places.  New York is a big contributor to our population, as well as Texas, New Jersey, Minnesota, Chicago, Connecticut, etc.  I’ve yet to come across someone from Cincinnati.  Sure, I’ve met some Louisville’ians and I know some people who have relatives in the Cincy area, but none that actually have taken the plunge to move HERE.  Why the heck is that?

And why does it make me feel so alone?  Share with me.  Am I alone in this?

I Just Called To Say …

September 2, 2009

It’s an interesting task to take inventory of the friends one collects over the years.  I find myself doing this from time to time, and end up always comparing and contrasting the various sets of people who wandered into my life and stuck right there.  Some unexpectedly, others were a little more predicted.

The friends I feel safe enough to open up to are those that I’ve had since my youth.  Some dating back to pre-school, others from high school.  And I know it sounds like there may be quite a collection, but really there are only a handful.  While each of these people are different in their own right and most are not friends amongst themselves, it seems typical that I would befriend them still after all these years.  We’ve shared a lot of growing together.  Some academically, some socially, or spiritually. And we respect each other.

When I first moved to Florida in 2002 I realized how much I had taken these wonderful people for granted.  I missed them.  I found it difficult to meet friends without the “training wheels” of living in the same community where I grew up.  How do people do it?  I hadn’t a clue.  I did befriend a couple who lived across the street from me in the rental house I shared with the “ex”.  It was a bad neighborhood, and they were a young couple like us who just moved to the area to be close to the husband’s naval base.  We spent many weekends with them.  Laughing, playing cards, drinking, swapping stories from our respective towns where we grew up.  Two years later, they moved away – relocated with the Navy to Maine, and now in California.

Most of the people I came into contact were colleagues from work, and in most cases, I was at least 15 years younger than them, which obviously created some obstacles. But, when I was sent to California with a team of 10 Floridians to work for 3 months, it forced a friendship between us all.  There’s something about red-eye flights, long hours, and living in a crappy Extended Stay hotel that is being renovated that truly brings people together.  Our backgrounds were so different (aside from the common occupation we shared), ages varied, priorities and even positions within the company were not all the same, but we really bonded.  Even after we had all left that company, we remained in touch and tried to meet for lunch once every 6 weeks or so.  But despite our friendship, these weren’t the type of friends to hang with on the weekends.   It just wasn’t the right fit.  

At the gym, I hoped to find another woman my age to talk to, hang out with occasionally, maybe go to the beach or a movie together.  But, if you know anything about women and gyms, you know that they do not speak to each other while there.  I don’t know if it’s the competition aspect or dedication to the task at hand, or just being uncomfortable in general, but women barely make eye contact with each other at the gym.  It’s a strange phenomenon that has always bothered me, and makes me feel very self-conscious.  Is it me?  Do I smell?  Whether it was me or not … I’ve never been successful. 

I even tried making friends at a church that I tended to visit.  Boy, was that an adventure!  I should have known better than to attend a church in Jacksonville – the proverbial BUCKLE of the Bible belt.  It was a small church with a VERRRRYYY tight knit community.  They were a huge family actually, which has its appeal.  I’m not knocking the family feel of the place, in fact I quite liked it due to the fact I had no family nearby and the support would have been nice.  However, it was a fair weathered family.  After 3 months of attending services, they ostracized someone from the congregation (a member of 20 years) because she had said something hateful about another parishioner.  Talk about judgmental.  Don’t get me wrong … there were plenty of church members who thought this treatment was detestable and they stated so.  There were church meetings, conversations in public & private about how the situation was handled and as a result many families left, including myself.  I don’t mean to get all preachy here, but – come on!  Who among you is without sin?  Huh?!

Anyway, the point of my message here is that I was having a hard time.  Finally, at my last position in J-ville, I hired two individuals to work for me.  One was an HR Generalist and the other, an Administrative Assistant.  Both women were from very different backgrounds, but I liked their work ethic and personalities.  That was 2 years ago.  I am still friends with both, but of all the friends I have come across in 28 years these two boggle my mind, the Administrative Assistant more specifically.

She’s the type of “friend” who has perpetual personal problems.  You know the type.  Most of the problems could be avoided, and are caused by her own irresponsible behaviors, but she never seems to learn from the mistakes and instead of facing them head on, cries on whoever has the closest shoulder.  So, I accept this fact about my Admin Assist. friend and move on because she is a fun delightful person.  And, being someone who takes her role as a friend very seriously, I’ve tried to counsel my friend on some things she could do to improve her various negative situations.  I’ve even taken HOURS out of my day on more than one occasion to develop plans and budgets and scour the internet for ways to assist her, but nothing ever seems good enough.  She continues to deny responsibility for her actions, and when something else blows up in her face, you can believe she will be calling me to ask for help.  I’ve never answered a phone call from her when she just wanted to chat.  It’s always “something”.

Two weeks ago, she called me panicked because her car broke down and she needed to get another one, but only had $500 to spend on it.  She is too broke to afford monthly payments, and she wanted me to help her fix the problem.  I suggested a few friends of mine that may be able to help her, then I suggested that she look on Craigslist for a car.  I told her to put the $500 away, and then use $500 from her next paycheck to buy a $1,000 car that will be suitable for driving her and her daughter to and from work/school.  She played helpless, so I offered to hop on Craigslist myself and find a car.

After spending 2 hours on the internet and emailing her a list of links that I felt were appropriate choices, do you think she even bothered to hit Reply and offer a “Thanks”?  Nope.  She didn’t.  Seriously!  I don’t want a medal here, but at least use the energy to respond with a 3-letter response, “Thx”.  Something!

So, I had decided that was the final straw.  The next time she called to ask a favor I was going to lay it on the line and explain that I was finished being taken advantage of.  Today, she emailed me.

I asked her to give me a call when she had a minute, which she did.  She didn’t want to make small talk, or even tell me what was going on in her life.  She focused solely on her problem of the day – her job.  Since I left the company last year, she now has a new boss who hates her and vice versa.  She received a very unfavorable annual review and wanted my input on what she should do.  I told her.  She asked if I had any contacts in the area who may need her services.  So, all in all, we hung up the phone and I had been given yet another assignment … forward her resume to my contacts in Jacksonville.  It happened so fast I didn’t even see it coming! 

I am such an enabler, and I hate that!  So, I’m now in my own “what do I do” situation because I do not want to expel any further energy helping this person who seems to only take, take, take.  Nothing I do to help her will ever suffice because she is the type to suck a person dry, and she doesn’t want to live her own life.  She wants other people to take responsibility for her own plight. Oy! 

What would you do?

“Friday” Spells “Random”

August 21, 2009

I bought the movie “Taken” last night.  We watched it while dining on a $2.97 bottle of Shiraz and pizza.  I liked it.  The City Boy’s 6-word review is this: “The poor man’s Bourne Supremacy”.  He really loves action movies.  I’m not so fond of them.  I have a hard time keeping my limbs from flailing about as some sort of attempt to help the “good guy” in a fight.  I can usually watch any movie in utter silence … but during an action movie I sound like someone suffering with Tourette’s. “Watch out!” “BASTARD!!” “Run, run.” “No! Don’t go in there you Dumb Ass!!” 

And, yes, I am one of those annoying people who verbalize their prediction of the outcome.  You know, because if I end up right I want it to be noted that I called it.  It’s a strange phenomenon.  Any other type of movie and I am perfectly quiet (unless it’s a comedy and I’m laughing), and I want everyone else to exhibit the same behavior.  Action?  Different ballgame.


We’ve decided to go back to the drawing board on wedding plans.  For this, I am (a) devastated, because I really fell in love with the place I put a deposit on back in June.  (b) elated, because it means I won’t go bankrupt planning a ridiculous party that is forced to end at 11:00pm anyway (c) excited, that I can at least make a decision NOW (unlike the past few months obviously because this means I will have now lost $1,000 in deposits to 2 different venues) and stick to it.  I’m thinking perhaps of using my aunt and uncle’s HUGE house and yard for the venue?  They have a gorgeous house that is perfect (and was actually designed) for entertaining.  I’m not sure what the City Boy will think of it though … or, least not my aunt & uncle.  Maybe I can spring it on them when I’m in town for Labor Day?


On my drive to and from work I pass a large cattle farm.  In the afternoons, the cows meander closer to the road, and due to a very slow-turning stop light, I usually sit and visit with the cows for a few minutes before pulling forward onto the next road.  I’ve always been an animal lover.  ALWAYS.  And not just cats & dogs.  Frogs, rabbits, snakes, fish, cows, goats, kittens, ducks, etc.  All of them.  Since moving to Florida my heart has become EVEN fonder of Sand Hill Cranes, frogs, lizards, alligators, and cows specifically.  I tell this to the City Boy and he looks at me and (without a doubt, every time) says, “You are definitely not a girly girl.”  I personally think it has nothing to do with being a girl.  Just someone who loves animals. 

Anyway, have you ever looked into the eye of a cow? (SIDE NOTE: In Freshman Biology, we dissected cows’ eyeballs.  So, quite literally, I have looked into the eye of a cow.)  But I’m talking about looking into the eye of a cow whom is ALIVE and still has his eyeball intact.  There’s something about them that seems so soulful.  Like, if only we could speak with each other I’m sure we’d be friends.  I know it’s weird.  Hey … if I’m pregnant we can blame the hormones for all this “crazy talk”!


Oh yes, my puppy has explosive diarrhea.  That’s right.  She eats breakfast … she’s fine for about an hour then, BLAUGH!  Yesterday I stayed home from work to clean up her kennel twice.  Poor girl had to be confined to her kennel until we could see improvement on her condition.  Of course, she was let outside 6 or 7 times to run, take a walk, play with Pieter, etc.  Hopefully it passes soon.  I think she upset her tummy by chewing mulch the other day.

In other news … we are going to attempt clicker training with her.  I ordered our clickers over the weekend (hopefully they arrive soon) and have found a great trainer on … drum roll … YouTube.  Look her up, KikoPup.  She’s got several training videos and she makes it look so easy.  God, please grant me patience and perseverance. 

Guess my mantra can be, “I WILL have a well behaved, well balanced, well socialized puppy who does not bite me or eat my couch!”  The updates should be interesting.  Wish us luck! 

Cheese With That Whine? or Wine?

August 5, 2009

For some ridiculous reason I got the absurd notion last night to skip dinner and then SLAM down four glasses of wine (cheap wine, might I add) in about 39 minutes.  After a ferociously chatty conversation with my old friend Alisha, my father, and THEN my brother (NOTE: phone conversation marathons are a total anomaly for this girl) I sat, exhausted on the living room chair and instantly knew I was going to puke. 

I meandered (or stumbled) my way to the couch and fell face down on it seeking comfort from its micro-suede embrace, but the sudden jarring of my body onto the couch cushion did not bode well for the nausea.

“Are you okay, Honey?” I heard Mr. Wonderful inquire, but I was so sick … and the affects of the alcohol were causing him to sound like a slowed down voice recording.  I really just wanted him to shut up and let my brain catch up to my surroundings, but was too wasted to speak so I just gave him a weak wave. 

“I don’t feel well” I said as I stumbled to the stairs and slowly ascended to the bathroom.  The last thing I remember him saying was, “Uh-oh.  Are you going to get sick?”

Upon arrival to the bathroom I ran to the toilet, threw myself down on the floor and tried to vomit.  Nothing.  I was perplexed because I thought for sure the wine still available would come rushing to its exit point.  But, nothing.  I didn’t want to remain sitting on the bathroom floor for something that may never come, so I grabbed the overflowing bathroom trash can and set it next to my side of the bed.  Then … laid there. Waiting for a few minutes.  Pieter rushed to my side, because every dog knows that seeing their master flailing, stumbling, and talking funny is never a good thing.  He jumped on my bed and made his way to my shoulder, where he sat while I tried to pass out.

And I did finally succeed in the passing out.  For a minute.

I was suddenly awoken with the violent urge to purge the stomach.  But I was so comfortable sleeping that I barely reached for the overflowing trash can in time.  And because I was still asleep I was foolishly expecting the vomit to be thick and “stomach-content” like.  Instead it was like wine, deep red wine being sprayed from a garden hose … luckily I didn’t miss the overflowing trash can.  After taking a shower, I felt better and resumed the evening. 

After all it was only 8:53pm.  I don’t know what got into me?


 So the economy is slowly but successfully choking the life out of my usual optimistic nature.  Family members have recently had to bankrupt their business and are now out of work; Mr. Wonderful is struggling; I am struggling as a result of trying to rescue him; friends are facing their quickly approaching unemployment cut-off date with no job prospects in sight.  A good friend of mine has been living with her boyfriend because she’s unemployed and her house has been foreclosed, and she has recently (finally, if you ask me) decided that she can no longer remain in the relationship with the dude but has nowhere to go.  I just spent 2 hours on the phone with her, looking through Craigslist for a suitable 3-bedroom abode for herself and two young children, and building a budget to determine if she can even afford any of the available rentals. (I love budgets!  If anyone needs help with one, let me know.  Seriously.  I have a business dedicated to this very purpose.  It’s what I DO). 

Things are bad … this is the first time in my adult life that financial “bad times” have ever really hit home for me.  I am suddenly understanding, in a very real-life sort of way (in contrast to the academic or logical sense) how very close to homelessness so many people are.  How fragile our livelihood actually is.

Up until last year I was estranged from my family.  There were, issues, let’s say that they and I had with each other and it took my divorce to finally shake some sense into me.  Anyway, the point here is that those of us with families and/or amazing friends should really consider how incredibly lucky we are to have support.  In the event of something devastating like a job loss and inevitable foreclosure, I am so glad that I am not lost.  If something of this magnitude were to occur to me I could call my family.  And they would say, “come on home E” … and I would hitch-hike 1,000 miles to their door … and we would all starve together, in one location, because they really wouldn’t have the financial means to help me, but at least we’d have each other.  And hopefully we could all resist the urge to eat our dogs in a fit of insanity brought on my starvation (come on!  We’ve all got at least one big dog, and my sister has TWO!  One of hers would probably be the first to go.)

I just think about my friend, who finds herself in the situation where it looks like she may have to decide between homelessness and staying with a jerk-off boyfriend because she has nowhere else to turn.  This is what America has to go through right now.  It’s scary.

When a man with a bachelors degree in Economics and an MBA is forced to accept a part-time telemarketing position paying minimum wage, something needs to give.

I guess a “courtesy flush” is a little too much to ask for right now?


But, there is always some hope.  Nothing lasts forever, right?  Despite the absolute cloud of negativity surrounding my family right now (family business is defunct, struggles, my grandfather just survived a massive stroke but is left paralyzed & unable to speak or move, no one can afford anything, blah blah blah) my little sister is about to give birth to the first grandchild of my parents (Friday morning, to be exact).  My first nephew!  So, naturally we are excited about that … and my brother is getting married in mid-October … and Mr. Wonderful’s brother is getting married the week after my brother … and then me and Mr. Wonderful are getting married in exactly 297 days … and I’m just so glad that my family & I are healthy again!  Otherwise, I’d miss out of their life memories and vice versa.

Knowing that we are one big happy family again makes me believe that we can all get through it, and we will.  Because sooner rather than later, we’ll have our own little babies to keep moving on for, and so on and so on.

So … anybody want to donate to the “Help Us Have A Wedding Foundation”?

Efficiency Is Intelligent Laziness

August 4, 2009

As an Accountant, sometimes I think about how much my department relies upon computers.  Actually, who am I kidding?  Every company in the world is absolutely dependent upon computers, but for my sake – we will pretend that only the Finance departments are of any consequence.  Humor me?  In 2006, I was working for a multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 company as a Senior Accountant.  They were moving things around, getting rid of old records that were no longer necessary to make room for additional employees in the “forgotten wing” of the building.  Every department had to take a 20 minute shift to walk into the “forgotten wing” and re-stack a few boxes, determine what could be destroyed and what had to remain in our possession. 

Naturally, I thought it was a silly request, so I did what I usually do with silly requests … completely ignore the task at hand and find a suitable replacement activity.  My replacement activity of choice on this occasion was to snoop through old boxes and hope to find some really old office supplies or paraphernalia to use in my ‘cube.  My search was leading me nowhere.  Sure, there was a lot of dust and old stuff that was found, but rusty paperclips and yellowed copy paper just wouldn’t quite set the right ambiance in the 6’ x 6’ world that I was given dominion over.  Out of the corner of my eye, I glimpsed an old storage box.  There appeared to be all sorts of items within it … old fashioned staplers, some Happy Birthday streamers probably used last for a colleague’s birthday cake & ice cream party back in 1974, yellowed copy paper, more yellowed copy paper, spiders, dust, cobwebs, and at the very bottom … a solid green leather bound Accounting Ledger with the year 1943 etched on the front cover. Jackpot! 

Sure, this isn’t what I was searching for, but it was way better!  It was old, but in good shape (they really knew how to put a binder together back in the forties.  In 60 years from now, we’ll find our “leather bound” ledgers and books cracked and chipping away in the breeze.  But, THIS, this was quality construction.)  Anyhoo, I wasn’t interested in what held the ledger together anyway.  I was just impressed with it, that’s all.  I’m not sure how my Accountant counter-parts would feel if they came across the same relic, but I felt like an archeologist who had just unearthed a section of history that is so rarely seen nor cared about, and I was excited and filled with questions.  I started skimming through the lines trying to just get an idea of some of the expenses the company had back then … how much were they paying in salaries in 1943?  What about Office Supplies?  Did they stick to the GAAP rules to a T and create a separate Office Supply Inventory which was amortized at regular intervals?  Or was it just a straight expense?  What about political campaigns?  Did they contribute?  If so, to whom?  What sort of taxes were they being raped with charged?

The more I scanned the pages of the ledger the more I realized how much work it was to track and report transactions back then.  Sure, I know HOW to do that … in college they don’t just throw Accounting students on a software package and send them home with a “(insert Accounting software name) For Dummies” handbook.  We all learned the old fashioned, long hand way … but I can’t imagine if we relied on human calculations, handwriting, tracking and reporting today.  For example, a 30-year depreciation table could take well over 3 hours to calculate and write by hand, but only 30 seconds via computer.  Invoicing?  On a computer, you simply use a software program to record the specifics of a receivable … it instantly records it in the Accounts Receivable ledger AND updates the General Ledger simultaneously!  By hand?  You would have to first create the invoice by typewriter or by hand; then input the data by hand into the Accounts Receivable ledger; then, input the same summarized data into the General Ledger.  Payroll; tax calculations; multiple entries that all have an effect on various financial statements.  And, speaking of financial statements … let’s say the Finance Manager wants to see what the income statement looks like so far this month, back in 1943.  He (of course, it would be a “he”) would ask his bookkeeper (most definitely, another “he”) to create an income statement to date … then he would wait for 2 hours while it was being calculated.  They would review the document together, and find an error that would need correction.  The bookkeeper goes back into his office, makes the correction and would then re-calculate the pertinent areas of the statement before taking it to the Finance Manager for a second look.  If we were in the 21st century … an income statement is requested (could be by a man OR woman), an Accountant (again – man OR woman) pulls up a software, selects the report and the date in which the report needs to be representative of and prints it.  If a correction needs to be made, it is done electronically and a second updated report can be printed. Voila!

When my current office experiences network issues which result in not being able to access our network files (i.e. spreadsheets, schedules, etc) I just sit and think about the green leather bound ledger from 1943.  The work that it required and all the WASTED time!!  I wonder what that bookkeeper from 1943 thinks about the technology and progression we’ve experienced since his time.  I wonder if he now thinks of all the time he wasted in that dark office doing the amount of work we can accomplish now in 30-40 minutes?  Or, does he think of our current speed of productivity as an abomination of some sort?  And, what will I think about all of this in another 40 years when I’m long gone from the business world?  Will I smile when my grandchildren talk to me about the latest innovations used in commerce?  Or will I sit then down and bore them with another story about my love affair with Microsoft Excel?

Encouragement from … ??

July 29, 2009

My mother got me hooked on Notes From The Universe.  It’s a daily email from the great abyss of, well, the Universe.  Usually, it’s a clever little personalized message of encouragement and motivation.

I particularly like the one that awaited me this morning:

“Look at it like this, E, the more challenging your life story has been so far, the bigger the goose bumps for future generations who retell it to their kids.  Who will no doubt add, “And if EE was able to do all that, so can you!

We’ve barely just begun – The Universe”

If you’d like to get your own daily shot of inspiration, you can do so here.