Is It Foul? Or Fowl?

November 25, 2009

Yes, I know … I was AWOL yesterday, but I had a great excuse … I wasn’t here.  I was in Jacksonville meeting with friends and associates, and didn’t roll into the homestead until 2 am this morning.  So, please take it easy on me.  I’ve had a long 36 hours.  Now, here is my long awaited Thanksgiving poem of 2009:

I’m thankful …

For the roof over my head,

For the blankets on my bed.


For the boy who wakes me up,

And puts coffee in my cup.


For the pup who pees on his own leg,

And for the fact he rarely begs.


For my family I neglected for 10 stupid years,

I’m so glad they’re in my life despite the many tears.


For my friends I have had since nursery school,

For still being tight although they realize I’m not cool.


For the weeds growing in my yard,

Which remind me when I’m not working hard.


For all the changes in my life I’ve made,

That never would the pain I trade.


For future blessings I know will be,

A source of joy or pain for me.


For knowing I’m loved both far & near,

And allowing me access to those so dear.


For this year’s feast which will not be,

Gross cranberry sauce & dry turkey!

And that is that.  For the rest of today I will be working away at the office, and follow that up with baking my Pumpkin Crumble Cake for the grandparents tomorrow.  The recipe will be posted this evening if you’d also like to make it.  You will NOT regret it!! 

Gobble Gobble!


Catastrophe – calling all Good Samaritans

November 23, 2009

My mother is a nurse, and works with a wonderful woman who is raising her 9-month old grandson.  Tragedy struck yesterday as her house went up in flames, with all her Earthly possessions.  Luckily, though no one was hurt.

My Mom sent a notification out on Facebook this morning asking for donations of food, baby clothes, blankets, anything that anyone could provide to help Carol piece things back together.  I’m hoping and assuming that she had home owners insurance, which should take care of most things, but their immediate needs (especially just a few days before Thanksgiving) are what we’re most concerned about.

Please email me for information on how or where to send any item you find it in your heart to give.  I’m sure blankets, baby food, gift cards and clothes are probably their biggest concern at the time being. (emelou AT gmail DOT com)

Hmmm, just when I was about to start my “what am I thankful for” essay, I hear about this.  Isn’t it awful that it sometimes takes a horrific life event happening to someone else before we really feel blessed for what we have at the moment?  Anyway, that essay will be coming soon.  In the meantime, say a prayer and hopefully you have it in your heart to share with a good woman who needs the help.

Oh, yes … don’t forget you can email me for further details if interested.

Humbug for Sunblock?

November 23, 2009

I heard a joke last night that I wanted to share with you … but of course, I can’t remember it.  Of course my memory loss of things humorous may be caused by the banter happening right now on 20/20.  Because, as much as I sometimes enjoy the show … it’s just not funny.

OH!  Last night, after I wept watching “My Sister’s Keeper”, I went looking for another Pay Per View movie, and I came across “Food, Inc.”  I don’t know why I do this to myself.  I don’t know, but I think most people who watch these documentaries think of how gross some of the images are.  Maybe they feel sorry for the cattle that are being slaughtered or for the chickens who are having their heads chopped off.  That’s not what runs through my head.

Instead I get all bent out of shape over the POLITICS of it!  And the fact that people don’t research or care enough to make changes.  Okay, I won’t rant too much about it here … because I want to remain calm for the rest of the night, and not annoy anyone.  I will just say, when I think about what is happening via the government allowing its strings to be pulled by these few multi-national corporations is sickening … and it makes me wish I were a lawyer.  I’d be all over these idiots.  Okay, rant done.

Moving on to the holidays, I’d like to get your opinion.  I had a Facebook Face-Off with my cousin this afternoon who lives in Kentucky (where I’m from).  The conversation went like this:

Cousin: Christmas is the best time of year! 

Me: Whatever

Cousin: Em, you know you’d love to be up here for the snow =)

Me: Christmas is OK, but it is NOT the best time of the year. Summer is! Outdoor parties, sunshine, swimming pools, pina coladas, suntans. C’mon – Christmas has none of that.

Cousin: Christmas is when all the family is together! nothing is better than that!

Me: Family pool parties & picnics aren’t fun? I rest my case!

Cousin: No you do not! because the only time our family is ever in one place is christmas.

Me: We were all together when I was in town over the summer at Patricks. I vote we start celebrating Christmas in July.

So, where do you stand on this debate?  Do you like the cold, the festivities, the snow, the wind and cold?  Isn’t the whole point of Christmas to be a celebration?  How the hell do you celebrate when it’s freaking COLD outside?  If I’m going to spend vacation time traveling North, let’s do it in the summer when we can all lounge outside around the pool.  Gifts, No Gifts?  Doesn’t matter to me. 

I just say we start celebrating when the weather makes sense.  OR, we can all start celebrating Christmas at my house in Orlando.  Seriously?  Shouldn’t THEY be coming down HERE?  It makes no sense for the City Boy and I to go into the blizzard, voluntarily!!  Anyway, tell me your opinion.


Keeping Busy

November 22, 2009

As I cleaned the house earlier today, ideas for blog posts were bouncing all over the place inside my head.  I told myself to start carrying around the little notebook that I keep in my purse for moments such as these.  Why is it that we never have the things we need ON OUR PERSON when they are most needed?  Anyway, while I sit here trying to remember what some of those profound essays were, I will give you these recent events and thoughts.

I was so excited all week with the thought of playing Kickball this afternoon.  Sure, the City Boy wouldn’t be able to make it, but I was still looking forward to a new experience with a familiar game.  Going to bed last night, I was thinking and hoping that I could kick hard and far … far enough to at least make it to first base without being thrown out.  It’s been awhile since I’ve played an actual sport.

The City Boy let me sleep in this morning — he is absolutely phenomenal that way — but he woke me just before leaving for work.  I told him I was looking forward to the game and he suggested that once the game was over that I meet him near the office so we could have lunch together.  We’ve never done that before … have lunch close to HIS work.  And I was looking forward to at least seeing him for a LITTLE while at a time when the sun was still in the sky for once.

Fully rested and looking forward to my day, I went downstairs to get my day going.  The first piece of business I tend to each morning, is checking emails and texts that I may have received overnight.  “Oh, a voicemail!  I wonder who this is”, I thought.  I saw that it was my friend Darleen who organized the kickball game.   She called around 8am, so I instantly had this small fear that the game had been cancelled.  I listened to the message … her tone of voice was very cross.  She was scolding me!  Wondering where the hell I was! 

At 8 in the morning?  I was confused.  I listened a little longer, and finally figured it out. 

THE GAME STARTED AT 8 … AM!?  Who the hell plays kickball at 8am on a Saturday morning?  So, I texted her my apologies for getting the times mixed up, but I must say – I don’t feel entirely responsible for this blunder.  Perhaps I just ASSUMED the game started at 1, but that is probably because that is the only time that would MAKE SENSE to play Kickball?!?  Perhaps?


I just watched “My Sister’s Keeper” on pay-per-view.  Great movie, but I do have a few quick tips that will make your viewing experience a little better.  I wish someone had warned me of the following: #1) Do NOT watch it alone.  I’ve never felt so “alone” in my entire life watching that movie solo.  #2) Yes, there is a scene in the movie when Cameron Diaz shaves her head to show solidarity with her cancer-ridden daughter.  I applaud that concept, however please don’t try to calculate at what point in the girl’s life this takes place, because in every other single scene of the movie, Cameron is sporting the long hairstyle … by my estimation it would have taken at least 2 years to grow her hair back out to that length, but I don’t think the timeline of the movie is 100% accurate.  So, just do yourself the favor of NOT over thinking it. #3) Tissues!  I don’t care if you are a crier or not — typically, I don’t cry at movies very often.  But this one will make you cry, A LOT, and basically through the whole film.

I loved the movie, though.  You know how movies can sometimes make a terminal disease almost seem like fun?  Like the person who has the disease is so “at peace” with dying that it almost has no effect on the people in their lives?  Well, this movie seems much more honest than that.  It will make you think about parental love and decisions, and about family, and about the significance of life in general.  And you will laugh, and you will relate to probably everyone in the movie.  It’s good.

And one of my favorite parts of the movie? It is family friendly.  I know, this makes me sound like the Church Lady but it really irritates me that even KID’S movies nowadays are trashy in some way or another.  This, just wasn’t.  And at the exact same time, it wasn’t candy-coated.  It’s like a testament to the fact that a movie doesn’t have to be vulgar in some way to be ‘real’ or ‘edgy’.  I don’t know … I just really respect that.


Speed Bumps!  We live in a golf community.  So, as a result there are speed bumps throughout the entire 1.5 miles it takes to wind back to my house.  Usually traffic is pretty light, so I only have to worry about myself driving over these monsters.  I know how fast I can drive over each one without wasting a.) my brakes and b.) my time.  I’ve developed a system, and it works very well.  However, there are some people who come to a complete stop before every single speed bump, and I have to wonder what the hell is WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?!? 

This past week, I just finally had enough of sllloowwlllyyy following these chumps.  But now, the gloves are off Baby!  I pass those jerks faster than you can say “check your blind spot”.


So, anyway, that has been my day in a nutshell.  Now here it is 8 o’clock and I’ve got another 2.5 hours before the City Boy walks through the door.  He’s going to be so surprised and happy when he sees the bottle of wine on the counter.  He is a bit of a wino.  And I’m happy to sit and watch him drink it.  I can’t explain it, but I don’t think I’ve had any alcohol since my brother’s wedding last month.  I just … don’t want to.

And with that, members of my family are simultaneously hanging their heads in shame. 


Alright, I’m outta here for the night.  I think I’ve got some receipt filing to keep me busy for a while (did I really just say that at 8 o’clock on a Saturday night?  Right after I said I don’t feel like drinking alcohol?  Right after I said I like wholesome family movies?  Who the hell AM I lately?)

Ooh, the Grinch is on!!  Woo hoo!


November 20, 2009

Well … last month after attending my brother’s wedding my Crackberry was not behaving itself.  Battery would drain after 3 hours, even when not in use.  It was moving very slowly.  Stopped delivering messages, etc.  I had been toying with the idea of going to one of those unlimited plans for $50, but that meant I would lose the whole Blackberry package.  Tough times in the economy … so I used it as an excuse to ditch the Blackberry (cold turkey) and going to Boost Mobile.

Oh My Everloving God, People!  I have felt like someone has cut off my right arm for the past month.  No email delivery.  No user-friendly interface.  No mobile Facebook updates.  The phone I bought at Boost was a Motorola with a QWERTY keypad, but it SUCKS!  I cannot even tell you how much.

I know this makes me sound like such a snob, but seriously – I don’t know how people without a smart phone handle it.  I felt so isolated and out of sync with the world.

Anyway, since jumping back into the business, I kicked the stupid Motorola to the curb (anyone want a practically un-used free phone?) and got my new Blackberry 8900 Titanium today.  Agh … relief!  Come tomorrow, once it’s been charged and I setup my email accounts, etc. I will feel like an active participant in the world again.  It feels like FREEDOM.

Plus, since I purchased it through my business I will be receiving a commission each month on the bill I pay!!  How sweet is that?  If you’re interested in knowing more about having the opportunity for yourself just let me know and I will HOOK YOU UP!!

In other news, I’m exhausted despite my elation about the update in technology … so, this is yet another shortened post.  Next week will be better … there is much in the works right now and I’m coming up on a big breakthrough!  Woo hoo!

Are You Seeing A Pattern Here?

November 19, 2009

Well … since becoming all “gung ho” about the new business, I haven’t taken much time to do my usual tasks.  You know, like cleaning, laundry, posting to the blog, answering emails, returning phone calls and balancing the checkbook, or – gasp!  Catching up on Google Reader.  I just checked my page, and there are 99 posts that I haven’t yet read. 

Slacker.  That’s me.

So, I’m going to try catching up on my reading, hopefully this week.  There are so many things happening right now, so I won’t complain about not having the time … I just really wish I had the time – okay, I know that was complaining.  What are you gonna do?

Well, I’m off to do some light straightening up before hitting the hay for the night. 

Again, I apologize for yet another half-assed post.  Luckily, there’s only 12 more days of November, so I’ll be able to write more significant content in December … for example, did you know my birthday is the week after Thanksgiving?  December 2nd will mark my 28th birthday — YIKES!!

No Excuse

November 18, 2009

Talk about phoning it in … consider this my post for November 17th. 

Oh, the laziness. 🙂