Just a few things I’d like to mention:

  • I just heard someone mention not too long ago that it had been years since they had seen a Mary Kay pink Cadillac.  When they said this, I thought “I have NEVER seen one in person, now that I think about it.”  But, yesterday I crossed that off my list of Things I’ve Never Seen In Person.  At a stop light I looked at the car in front of me: it was a new model Cadillac with MARY KAY chrome letters on the back fender.  Upon further reflection I saw that it was a very very very pale shade of pink.  Now you know.  They still exist.
  • When I was a teenager I smoked cigarettes.  In my defense I’d like to state that I was born and raised in Kentucky (the tobacco state) where EVERYONE smokes!  Anyway, I kicked the habit when I was 19 and hadn’t really smoked since (aside from the few occasions I was visiting my girlfriends up in the K-Y).  But, when things started going haywire with my ex-husband in late 2007, I started smoking again.  I thought I would quit once things settled down … but then I met the City Boy, we moved cities, we have started businesses, he has switched jobs a few times, we bought a house, got a puppy, and are now stressing about wedding stuff.  So, I realized not too long ago that there would ALWAYS be an excuse to keep smoking.  So, I quit.  Don’t get me wrong … I don’t think you can call me a “cured person” just yet.  But, I haven’t smoked a cigarette since Sunday and they say if you can make it past 3 full days, you’re home free.  I don’t really want one at all.  And, when I do feel the urge coming on I just imagine that stale smoke smell that lingers in homes and cars of people who smoke, and that usually does the trick.  So, Yea! Go ME!
  • Am I the only one who gets absolutely disgusted by people who have no problem speaking LOUDLY in professional settings about private matters? 
  • It is COLD here right now!  When I stepped out of the office last night it was a mere 60 degrees!  I rushed to the car, turned on the heat and hit the Seat Warmer button.  I nestled in for the hour long drive home and was good and toasty by the time I got there.  But then the temps continued to drop all night (I think it bottomed out around 54 degrees).  Today is a little warmer, but still in the low 70’s.  Luckily, this weekend should be warmer.
  • We are having a Family Kick Ball Game next Saturday at a park in Orlando.  And, guess who is managing it?  That would be yours truly, right here.  I can’t wait!  Unfortunately, the City Boy will have to work, but it should be a good turnout.  I haven’t played Kick Ball since I was in 7th grade … I’ll never forget it.  It was the Fourth of July, and my family was having the annual HUGE party and fireworks display.  We had a baseball field on the property, which was being used for kickball during the party.  I was already kind of hormonal and snotty this particular day (ah, isn’t 7th grade awesome?) but my dad convinced me to join in and play, so I picked an outfield position (didn’t really want to be sociable I guess).  There I stood kind of drifting off in my own thoughts, when my brother kicks the ball and it came soaring … a line drive straight to left field where it PEGGED me right against the head.  I can still here the “PING!” and then everyone laughed.  I was so embarrassed and annoyed and nasty that day that I just started crying and made a complete ass of myself.  Not one of my most proud moments.  So, hopefully next weekend allows me the opportunity to redeem myself!!  It’s been a long time coming.
  • That’s all for now … we may be one dog lighter come Sunday afternoon  … I found 2 potential owners who both have plenty of land and plenty of time and patience to show Lexi.  Hopefully it all works out for the best on Sunday.  If not, we will be destined to live in a house with a baby gate blocking the stairs through eternity, with drool on my couch cushions, even though she’s not allowed on the couch, and dog hair EVERYWHERE, not to mention the “dog smell” that comes with having a large dog in the house.  Yuck! 

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