Hot & Bothered in Orlando writes:

Here I sit, on a cloudy, overcast and humid Florida day on my couch, sweating profusely and surrounded by 3 fans all blowing in vain the 86 degree air about the room in effort to simulate a chill. Needless to say, it isn’t working and my sunny disposition is waning.

Our AC is broken. I spoke with our repairman this morning, and he informed me we will need a new outdoor unit and I’m expecting his call in the morning with a quote for such an item. This is not good.

Add to that, yesterday while I was EN ROUTE to sell my car at the local CarMax dealership, it started making an odd noise. I thought maybe it best to stop at the dealership and see if they could tell me what was wrong. They promptly shook their heads and told me I shouldn’t even drive it off the lot. It seems my water pump was mere moments from taking its final breaths … fitting isn’t it? The DAY I’m on my way to sell it – literally, ON MY WAY to sell it, and this happens?!?

So, it’s been an expensive and stressful and incredibly hot and muggy weekend. The dealership wants to charge me $800+ for a new pump, but once I got home yesterday (my friend had to come pick me up) I hopped right on Craigslist and found a mobile repair guy who will come to the house and replace it for $180 — sure, it sounds a little “too good to be true”, but I’m willing to take the chance. The guy sounds knowledgable and I think he works in a traditional shop – this must be a side gig for him.

Now, if only I could get that lucky with the AC unit. In the meantime, I’ll be sticky with sweat and bitter with bitchiness in this heat. The City Boy was smart and opted to escape the heat (and his miserable wife) and take refuge at the gym for a bit. When he returns we will try to spend the afternoon in the pool, as long as the rain holds off.

Isn’t it amazing how fast your spirits can turn from happy to the depths of despair? I swear, three days ago I was sitting at the salon enjoying my first ever pedicure with my out of town friend, Kim. We laughed, we told stories, we spoke of our excitement bringing our girls home in October. And now? Now, I’m just a cross and crotchety fat girl, sweltering in the heat.

Maybe a nap will add a little charm so the City Boy won’t drown me at the pool today.


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