Reality Check

I can honestly say that I never thought it would happen to me.  I was arrogant, I thought I was invincible, but that’s the funny thing about “invincibility” … it doesn’t exist.

In January of this year … January 22nd to be exact, I began a game of Spider Solitaire.  It was innocent enough …  I was bored.  There was nothing on television, and I wanted to use my brain doing SOMETHING.  I had never really understood this game previously, so I thought it would be a great challenge.  Plus, my eyes were hurting from playing hours of Sudoku on the Crackberry anyway.

The first few hands were hit-or-miss, until I found my stride.  Game after game, I improved my skill.  With each win, I saw that my overall Wins to Losses ratio was improving.  After several days of obsessive play I raised the winning percentage to 33%, and I vowed to keep it going. 

So, this has been my ritual.  When I’ve been home on the couch with morning sickness, or during commercials while watching television, or when just wanting to take a quick break from work, I pull up Spider Solitaire and work on my “mad skillz”. 

After much work, much dedication, and way too many hours to mention, I managed to raise my percentage to 35% … did you hear me?  35 PERCENT!!

Until these past two weeks.  Being always cognizant of my game performance, I noticed when it began but hoped I was just having a bad day, perhaps I just wasn’t “on my game”.  I played on, hurt.  The results began slipping, but I ignored it.  Blamed a headache, or exhaustion.  And today, after playing for 30 minutes while watching the Orlando Magic v. Boston Celtics NBA Eastern Semi-finals game and seeing no positive results, despite my best effort I have come to a realization. 

I’m slipping.

My percentage at the moment is a mere 30%, all the gains I had worked so hard for these last few months are nothing but wasted time at this point, and I see no improvement in the near future.  Is it hormones that have clouded my brain?  Am I losing my cognitive skillz that I used to be so proud of?  Will these “skillz” that I speak of ever return?

Oh dear heavens, I hope so.  Or what?  What else is there?  Free Cell?  Pah-lease!  That shit is so easy!!


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