Oh Goodness This Is Random

You know, perhaps sitting at home, on the couch, watching Animal Planet and cruising the internet isn’t the best thing for me right now.  I think I may have adopted a dog today ??  Still awaiting a final confirmation.

This week, I’ve been at home … the project has ended, and while I’m in-between consulting assignments, I thought taking a few weeks off would be so great.  And, I guess it is great because it has allowed an enormous amount of tolerance toward my ever growing need for sleep and anti-nausea medication.  But, it hasn’t granted me any favors in the productivity department.  I feel like a slob.

Oh sure!  I’ve got high hopes for my day.  The past two days I planned on visiting the pool for some much needed swimming exercises, but each time I end up staying indoors to avoid the awkwardness of sitting at the pool alone.  Instead, I eat Fruity Pebbles cereal, watch Animal Planet (specifically “Animal Cops of Philadelphia”, followed by “Dogs 101”) and flip flop between feeling incredibly overheated and severely freezing to death in my underwear and t-shirt on the couch.

Today on “Dogs 101” they featured Beagles, which is one of the City Boy’s choices in a future dog.  After seeing the pro’s and con’s of this breed, and weighing that against my absolute boredom and hopelessness of the day, I decided I must find an available Beagle for adoption.  So, I hopped online.  While searching for Beagles, I also included Italian Greyhounds into the mix, because – duh!  Pieter could use a real-life relative.  But, then I remembered my husband wasn’t crazy about IG’s – only Pieter.

Anyway, I emailed a few prospective rescue groups about a few available dogs, and got a response from one.  They’re local.  They’ve got SEVERAL mix breeds available, and not only that but they also are looking for volunteers to assist with weekend adoptions.  I’m such a dork.  I submitted an application to adopt AND I volunteered to help out this Saturday afternoon.

Now that the intensity of rescue dog searching has dwindled some and I’ve returned to my senses, I’m thinking that maybe we’ll hold off on adopting a new pup.  But, I do plan to volunteer this weekend, and who knows?  Maybe in the course of my charitable time donation I will come across the perfect addition to our family.

I’m secretly hoping so … I really want to be distracted by something right now, and it’s obvious that exercise and sensible living isn’t a good option.  Nor is “throwing myself into work” because, well – I’m not working at the moment.  With the City Boy being gone until mid-evening every night, I feel like I’m ready to climb the walls (except that takes WAY too much energy!).  I don’t really want a new puppy.  Just a new dog in the house.  I would be MORE than happy with a 3 or 4 year old dog who is already house-broken and just wants to lay down in it’s own bed and/or romp with Pieter.


In other news, I’ve got a meeting tomorrow with my project manager whom I haven’t seen since I’ve been pregnant.  I haven’t told her about the baby yet (will do that once my next project is secured), so am doing a little freaking out about what to wear to our meeting tomorrow.  I mean, seriously!  What should I do?  A friend of mine suggested a flowy dress, but I think that will do nothing but make me look MORE pregnant.  Is there a maternity store that specializes in professional attire?  I know, I know.  If I had done a little more planning I could have found one such store online … but alas, I am a last minute person when it comes to affairs of the wardrobe.

So, I plan to hit the mall in the morning.  I’m thinking black pants, black jacket and some colorful, loose-fitting top.  Any feedback on that idea?


And, can I just sing the praises a little bit of the NBC sit-com “Community”?  The movie references are absolutely hilarious.  And, yes, I know … that’s sort of the whole gimmick behind the show, but they really pull it off in an awesome way.


And, does anyone else have trouble discerning the correct placement for WORSE and WORST?  Usually I am pretty capable of the usual blunders – like THERE, THEY’RE and THEIR or WERE and WAS, etc.  But I messed up the other day in a Facebook post and used WORST instead of WORSE and my sister called me out on it.  I was so embarrassed, and still am if truth be told.

I mean, how does a person recover from such a public disgrace?  HOW?!?


Okay, that’s it for me.  Nausea has returned. Fun stuff.


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