Week 11

Before I get started, I think it’s apparent that this blog has entered “Baby Talk” and “Wedding Chat” and probably won’t cease on these topics until the calendar has made that a possibility.  So, if you’re sick to death of pregnancy blogs (I don’t blame you), you may want to check back in later.  Otherwise, please continue!

On the whole “To LEEP, or Not To LEEP” debate, I’ve made my final decision … no LEEP procedures while there is a bun in the oven.  The risks outweigh the urgency to act if you ask me, and since it’s my body I’m sticking with this decision.  However, just to appease those involved (hi Mom and City Boy!) I’ve got two follow-up appointments this week.  One tomorrow with a new Gyn. Oncologist and one on Thursday with my usual Oncologist. 

Which just brings up another point.  If my past year has taught me anything that is worth passing on, it is this:

1.)     When the doctor tells you that you have abnormal, pre-cancerous cells … don’t just sit around and watch what they do.  Be proactive and get them removed, because if you wait you could end up pregnant and then you’d be in my hot mess.

2.)     Planning a wedding, having a baby, dealing with concepts such as “cancer”, and switching careers (possibly) within a 6 month time frame is over whelming.  Don’t let the colorful, glossy brochures fool you.  There is nothing romantic about puking while brushing your teeth, or purchasing maternity pants and wedding bands on the same day.

3.)     But despite my overall jovialness as of late, I know how lucky I am.  My baby appears to be happy (yay!  11th week started today!), my man is ecstatic about what we’ve done and what we’re doing, and my family and friends are supportive.  I guess I’d feel a little more panicked if the City Boy and I hadn’t already been engaged and planning a wedding when our little surprise came to us … and you know that whole shameful and taboo topic of getting pregnant before you’re married?  I don’t have time for that Jazz.

It seems my only complaint about the timing of it is just that … the timing.  My face has morphed into its “pregnancy look”.  Blemish-ridden skin, my eyes seem to look more “buggy”, I’m carrying more fluid in my cheeks and neck.  My hair has lost its “OOMPH!”  It just sort of hangs there, and won’t hold its usually natural curl for shit.  It’s topics such as this that sort of take the fun out of wedding planning for me, and I’m just ready to get it over with.

Luckily, my dress fits and looks great!  It’s still being worked on (needs about a foot taken off the length) but I have my final fitting in 2 weeks and I can’t wait!!

Also?  I’ve got another ultrasound coming up on April 6th.  It’s a screening for Down Syndrome.  However, if I were to be honest I would tell you that the only reason I’m doing it is for the chance to see that adorable kid again!  In this screening, they’re going to take a little bit of my blood and analyze it.  Then, they’re going to measure the amount of fluid behind the baby’s neck.  Apparently, Downs babies have more fluid present than “normal babies”.  It’s completely non-invasive though.  It’s just a visual measurement, so the accuracy is probably not very reliable.  Like I said, I just want to see the kid.  We really don’t have any of the risk factors for Down Syndrome, and even if our child did have chromosomal abnormalities, it wouldn’t change anything for us.

In the meantime, it’s more crackers and moaning & groaning for me.  I am hopeful that the nausea and overall crappiness will ease up this week.  I have not been a very fun person to live with lately.  And honestly … I’m pretty sick of the couch!  I am ready for some energy and feeling of well being.  This loafing around like a lazy ass is getting quite old.


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