Hidden Talents

My Dad and Aunt Donna should have their own little wedding planning show on TLC.  They crack me up.  I was in a meeting earlier, but when I came back to my desk I had a missed call from Aunt Donna’s house.   I called back and my dad answered.  Apparently, he had been sitting there with the other hens (Grandma, Aunt Pilar & Aunt Donna) talking about my wedding, and he decided I was making a huge mistake getting married at my mother’s parents’ house.  Here were his points:

a.)    Mid-April?  A horrible time for an outdoor wedding in KY.

  1. There will be no flowers
  2. It could still be snowing
  3. No matter what, the ground will be muddy and people’s shoes & the chairs would mush into the ground
  4. Tracking dirt into the grandparents’ house

(my response to this: “Still snowing in April!?!  What the hell are you people still doing living in a place like that?”  His response: “Because I love it.”  Well folks, guess you can’t argue with that.)

b.)    Parking

  1. Even at Christmas, their driveway doesn’t have enough room for everyone’s car
  2. Their street is only 1-lane, so we can’t park on the street
  3. There is no commercial parking lot nearby to park in

(my response: “Oops.  I hadn’t thought of that.”)

c.)    Distance

  1. It’s inconvenient to drive from the hotel to my grandparents’ (30 miles), and then all the way up to the reception hall (35 miles) within just a few hours.
  2. What about the people from out of town?

(my response: “Yes.  The City Boy made the same point.”)

So, I asked him what his GRAND idea was.  And?  He said I should have the ceremony at the reception hall, and then immediately have the reception and dinner afterward.  His reasons:

Everyone will already be there

  1. Less stress with parking and driving
  2. Since there will be no pretty flowers or trees blooming outside, we can do our pictures beforehand at Devou Park or Krohn’s Conservatory which are just a few minutes away
  3. Will save money on renting chairs, etc. because everything will already be at the hall anyway
  4. No stress over rain or mud or (gulp) snow

At first I resisted the idea because I’ve never been on the inside of the reception hall, and have no idea what we’re working with, but he went on and on about how we can decorate it up, put an arbor together, blah blah blah.  And now?  I’m sold on it.  Even though I really wanted an outdoor wedding (indoor weddings are stuffy and gloomy, I don’t care what you say).

What do you think?  I can’t wait for this wedding planning to end.  Such a roller coaster.  We’ve changed our minds on just about EVERYTHING at least twice so far.  Only 43 days to go … I hate weddings.


By the way … Zofran?  I like it, A LOT!! 

My mother called yesterday to check on me, and I was driving home from work at 1:30pm – the nausea took over my entire life this past week.  I started whining (of course) about how miserable I felt, and she started chanting “Call the doctor.  Get some Zofran.  Call the doctor.  Get some Zofran.”

I don’t know why, but I really HATE having to take medicine.  It’s such a hassle.  You have to call the doctor and BEG for it, then deal with waiting in line for the pharmacist, only to forget to take it most of the time.  I hate it.  I hate the entire principle of it!  But, my rant had little effect on my mom.  Her chanting continued.

So once I hung up with her, I called the doctor’s office.  I was expecting a little opposition from the nurse and was gearing up to defend my symptoms and beg for un-nauseated mercy.  But instead she practically gave me a back rub over the phone.  “Sure Honey.  I’ll call it in as soon as we hang up the phone.”  Wow.  I like being in this club.

Four hours later, the City Boy arrived with Zofran (generic version) in hand and within 20 minutes I was feeling like a normal girl again … except for the huge and tender boobs of course.  And amazingly, the meds kept up with me all night and is really just NOW started to wear off.

So, today I’m at work, and am actually being productive.  It feels good to last throughout the day until 4pm before retreating to the pajama pants and the couch at home.  Very good indeed.


One Response to Hidden Talents

  1. Ally and I planned our wedding to be at her Mom’s farm outside then have the reception in the arena of their brand new horse barn. It was in June so there was little chance of rain, but of course b/c we were getting married, it rained. Our plan B, which we used, was to move everything into the arena. It worked out perfectly. The ceremony was 20 minutes long from start to finish and b/c no one had to travel anywhere for the reception a lot more people stayed and we all had a blast. The only that had to happen was the chairs had be moved underneath the tables and everyone was more than happy to move their own chair.

    My only advice is, just after the ceremony “hire” a bridesmaid or groomsman or family member that’s not needed for pictures to make a plate of food (or two) for you and Wen then instruct them to guard it with their life. Trust me… you’ll need it. Ally and I didn’t do that, and we were starving after.

    Too bad you’re not coming to reunion. I was looking forward to seeing you again and meeting your husband to be.

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