Whale Of A Day

An experienced trainer was killed today in Sea World.  The world’s largest Orca in captivity has apparently been responsible for the death of two others (a trainer in 1991, and a stranger who jumped into his tank in 1999) before today’s tragedy.

It seems the trainer lost her footing and tripped into the tank where Tilikum was being held.  At that point, the whale killed her.

Sea World and the Orange County Sheriff’s office are investigating and have not released much more information.  It’s so sad … for everyone.

Ironically, Tilikum (the whale’s name) means “Friend” in Chinook.


In other news, I worked from home today.  Sick, sick sick.


I’m awaiting a phone call from my Aunt so that I can finalize some of the wedding plans and send out invitations this week.  I hate relying on other people to do things.  But, unfortunately, this task is really something I have no way of completing alone.  I feel guilty continuing to harass my aunt, because at the moment my grandfather is in hospice care at her home.  She’s hosting, not only her dying father, but all the well-wishers who come by, she’s comforting my grandmother and her siblings. 

But, for the record, I didn’t assign her this task that I am waiting for completion of.  She prompted it.  She asked to take care of it.  I wish I would have told her “No, don’t worry about it.”  So, I sit here with my upset stomach and dizzy head, awaiting the phone call.

And, how selfish am I?!  My grandfather is slowly passing from the Earth, each minute drawing closer to his last, and I’m worried about my wedding?  I know you think I’m a jerk.  Right?

But the truth is, he experienced a stroke last summer that has pretty much left him a trapped soul ever since.  He has been slowly dying ever since, and lost his will to live almost immediately after his stroke last year.  It’s painful to see him the way he is now.  It’s misery to be trapped in a body you can’t move or control, and I just pray (as does the rest of my family) that he passes soon to end the torment he is experiencing.


Also, update on the Pregnancy Diet.

What assists in easing the nausea and utter grossness is: reduced-sodium soup, believe it or not.  Also?  Toast of any kind.

Today’s diet includes the following:

  • Whole-wheat bagel with peanut butter (eased nausea)
  • Crackers (duh.)
  • Granny Smith apple (the first half felt good on the body, but the second half proved too much acid)
  • Easy Mac & Cheese (eased nausea)
  • Chicken & Savory Vegetable soup (eased nausea)
  • Cinnamon & Sugar toast (eased nausea)
  • Cappuccino Fudge Blitz ice cream  (not recommended, but VERY yummy)

So far there are three excellent things about being pregnant:

1.)   Fantabulous boobs!  I can’t get over it!  And, apparently, neither can the City Boy.  And just think … I’ve got another 8 months of this “chesty-ness” in my future.  Woo hoo!

2.)   Wedding is now half the price and much closer to occurring!!  You don’t know how relieved I am to finally be approaching the wedding and “getting it over with”.  And, of course, I mean that with the most romantic of notions.  I’m sick of thinking about the wedding, and I just want to cross it off the list at this point.

3.)   I get to lie around and stay home from work if necessary.  It feels great … except for the all the sickness.


Is anyone else hooked on Mad Men?  I don’t know why, but last month I decided to check it out.  So, I put all the DVD’s on my Netflix list.  Surprisingly, the City Boy even enjoys it.  About twice a week, I receive a DVD with 3 episodes on it.  So far, we’ve seen the first two seasons and I can’t wait to receive another tomorrow.

That Don Draper … he’s a scoundrel, isn’t he?


And with that … I’m going back to napping.  It’s been a tough day.


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