How We Got Here

Would you like to be caught up?  Because I really want to catch up.  Let’s just take a look back to capture a few dates of recent importance.

January 18th:

Spoke with my Aunt Donna who, quite bluntly told me that I hadn’t done enough planning to pull off a wedding by May 29th.  I hadn’t planned for the fact it was Memorial Day weekend, and there would most likely be no tents, chairs, tables, or dance floors available to rent.  Not to mention some of the unexpected costs I wasn’t planning for.  So, I agreed that she was right.  I had been WAY too relaxed on the Wedding Planning front, and spoke with the City Boy.

We decided to push the wedding back to September 4th.  Labor Day.  Still a 3-day weekend for the convenience of traveling guests, 3 extra months to save and plan, the weather would probably be more stable, and we could figure out more cost-saving ways to put on the show.

February 12th:

After three days of fretting and worrying and flip flopping on the verdict in my head, I went to Wal-Mart and purchased an EPT test kit.  Coming home from the store, I unloaded all the groceries and went to the business of “administering the test”.  And guess what new skill I’ve learned recently?  After years of practice, I finally figured out how to turn a pregnancy test positive!  Apparently, it’s not nearly as difficult as I thought!  Seriously – within SECONDS the infamous second line appeared, and made it very clear that it was staying right there.

I screamed.  I squawked.  I pulled up my pants and called my best friend, then my mom.  I tried reaching the Stud, but he was at work and away from the phone.  I paced.  I couldn’t believe it, and I was so excited!

So, here we are 11 days later.  We started the 6th week of gestation yesterday and have attended one doctor’s appointment.  This week has brought with it some crazy nausea that I wasn’t experiencing until now.  I’ve bought two pregnancy books for me, and one for the father-to-be.  I have turned into a slightly deranged version of myself, and am starting to doubt that I’ll ever be a functioning member of society again!  It seems I just want to moan, and sleep, and think of never eating again.

Oh, and on the wedding front?  We’ve pushed it back up to April 10th.  Which leaves us just 6 weeks to plan and get our butts to KY for our ceremony & reception.  We cut the budget by about 75% (no need for a big fancy wedding when there’s a baby to plan for.  Priorities, People!)  I dropped my dress off yesterday with the seamstress who is going to make a little alteration to make room for my (wowsa!) expanding chest so that I can make it down the aisle without busting anything.  Invitations are going out this week — we’re actually going to make this happen, and SOON! 

We are excited … to say the least.  Today is the City Boy’s 36th birthday and he says that our baby is the perfect present.  As he is out enjoying his birthday jog, I sit in this house … still in my pajama pants from yesterday feeling gassy and gross.  When he returns, I plan to cook him a meal of zucchini squash, spinach salad and broiled salmon … but I intend on eating NONE of it because I am nauseated by the thought.  Guess it’ll be peanut-butter toast for this mama.

What a month!!  What a year this will be.  I just keep thinking that by my birthday in December I’ll be a mother!  I’ll have a 2-month old!  We will have a baby with us at Christmas time!  We will not only file our taxes as Married from now on, but we’ll also have ourselves a little exemption!  Wow.  Just … wow.

So, I’m expecting to be more inspired to write in the coming months, which is good.  Our babe will need documentation of what his/her parents were like before we turned into Mommy and Daddy.



4 Responses to How We Got Here

  1. Dani says:

    Congratulations! Thats great for y’all.

  2. So are you going to still be attending the reunion on the 17th of April – as a married woman?

    • Em says:

      Hey Brice. I was PLANNING on attending the reunion, but not anymore. I have a dying grandfather, so will be in KY for a funeral in March (most likely) then our wedding in April … we need to be saving up right now. 😦 Hopefully we’ll have a 15-year reunion … I’ll be there for that!

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