Late Night Ranting

It never fails, after 3 ½ solid weeks of participating in NaBloPoMo, Thanksgiving rolls around and I drop off the face of the Earth.  This has happened EVERY year since NaBloPoMo started (except last year when I wasn’t blogging).  I guess my brain just shuts down after so much sharing and whatnot.

Since my last post, the following has occurred: 

  • We shared Thanksgiving with my grandparents
  • I turned 28 (last Wednesday – gulp)
  • I’ve gotten the good news that my contract is being extended another 3 months
  • The business has picked up, which is great – however this has left me extraordinarily over-extended and I’ve lost the ability to focus on humans and their emotions (that’s always the first to go in my experience)
  • My sister has gone on a HSN shopping spree and purchased a new laptop with Windows 7 and a new digital camcorder.  I share this only because A.) I find it hilarious and B.) I am jealous because I wish I had both.

So, here it is December 7th and I should be sleeping right now, but was just awoken by the screaming of a TV evangelist and opted to come downstairs for a bowl of Raisin Bran. 

Once again, my Google Reader is BACKED up as can be.  I would say that I wish I had time to read through and catch up with everyone, but I’m actually so excited about what we’re doing with the business that I won’t jinx it right now.  Suffice it to say that I DO plan to catch up … albeit slowly over the next week or so.  In the meantime, I will just encourage everyone to stay positive during this stressful time of year.  As my Mam loves to say, “Remember the reason for the season”.

Our Christmas plans include a whole bunch of nothing.  After the million trips up North this past year for family milestones (new nephew, new sister-in-law, showers for sister and said new sister-in-law, etc. etc. etc.) we’re all “Kentuckied” out, and the City Boy doesn’t have the vacation with his new job to take the time.  So, we’re laying low.  Plus, if we were going to visit with family it would probably be to see his fam, since we haven’t been up that way since last Thanksgiving.

My family and friends think I’m a horrible person most likely because I haven’t put up a tree, a wreath, or a single Christmas decoration – but luckily they aren’t here to see it and hence I don’t have to listen to any chastising.  It just isn’t my thing.  If we had some sort of family or friends down here that would be visiting, I would definitely go through the pains of being more festive, but since it’s just the two of us and we’re busy with growing the business and trying not to kill eachother I just don’t think it’s worth all the effort this year.  I know, I know … Grinch, bah humbug, etc. 

The truth is, I’m all about Christmas … just not about the obligations that it brings with it.  When we have kids?  You betcha!  I’ll be all about it!  And I’ll enjoy it too.  However, for now … we’re celebrating in contemporary style.

We do have plans for New Years Eve though, which I am very excited about.  A group of girls I went to school with are going to be arriving after Christmas at a local former schoolmate’s home and we’re going to ring in the New Year together at her house and are making it a Housewarming/New Year’s affair.  I’m excited to see them, and for them all to meet the City Boy. 

Also, in case you needed more evidence that I’m not doing so well on the productive front lately … we now have less than 6 months until our wedding date, and I’ve yet to really complete ANYTHING on my checklist.  I do however have the dress in my possession, and the date is picked (obviously), and the location for the ceremony and reception, and the photographer/videographer.  But … that’s about it.  With over 100 people traveling to the event, you’d think I’d be more on the ball about getting a bank of hotel rooms reserved or the rehearsal dinner situated wouldn’t you?  Ah, but that’s where you’d be mistaken.

The truth is, as much as I LOVE to plan things in the future, weddings are very intimidating.  I really do need someone to nag me about it … as in a woman to nag me about it, not the City Boy.  I want whoever is going to be my designated nagger to be someone who also has some ideas on how to get things moving.  I guess this is one of the pit falls of planning long distance.  Oh well.  It’ll get done.

And so, once again, my laid-back nature will most likely get the best of me.  This should be a very interesting 5 ½ months indeed, eh?

Well, my Raisin Bran is now settling, so it’s back to bed for some more TV evangelism for me.  Why TV evangelism you ask?  Well, I typically dream about whatever is on the TV, so this way I will A.) get some religion in my life and B.) NOT dream about murdering someone, or solving someone’s murder or planning someone’s murder, or any of the above themes.  Trust me: TV evangelism kicks reruns of Snapped episodes ass any night of the week.


2 Responses to Late Night Ranting

  1. Dani says:

    Well, to start off with, happy belated birthday and congrats on things going well on the business front.

    As for Christmas, I say do it however you want and if anyone really has a problem with it ask if they are volunteering to do all your festive-ing for you. I bet they will suddenly care a whole lot less.

  2. Kelli says:

    Um, sounds like there is a LOT of great news in this post. Happy birthday! And I am proud of how much you did accomplish in NanBlogmo! Woo!

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