Is It Foul? Or Fowl?

Yes, I know … I was AWOL yesterday, but I had a great excuse … I wasn’t here.  I was in Jacksonville meeting with friends and associates, and didn’t roll into the homestead until 2 am this morning.  So, please take it easy on me.  I’ve had a long 36 hours.  Now, here is my long awaited Thanksgiving poem of 2009:

I’m thankful …

For the roof over my head,

For the blankets on my bed.


For the boy who wakes me up,

And puts coffee in my cup.


For the pup who pees on his own leg,

And for the fact he rarely begs.


For my family I neglected for 10 stupid years,

I’m so glad they’re in my life despite the many tears.


For my friends I have had since nursery school,

For still being tight although they realize I’m not cool.


For the weeds growing in my yard,

Which remind me when I’m not working hard.


For all the changes in my life I’ve made,

That never would the pain I trade.


For future blessings I know will be,

A source of joy or pain for me.


For knowing I’m loved both far & near,

And allowing me access to those so dear.


For this year’s feast which will not be,

Gross cranberry sauce & dry turkey!

And that is that.  For the rest of today I will be working away at the office, and follow that up with baking my Pumpkin Crumble Cake for the grandparents tomorrow.  The recipe will be posted this evening if you’d also like to make it.  You will NOT regret it!! 

Gobble Gobble!


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