Humbug for Sunblock?

I heard a joke last night that I wanted to share with you … but of course, I can’t remember it.  Of course my memory loss of things humorous may be caused by the banter happening right now on 20/20.  Because, as much as I sometimes enjoy the show … it’s just not funny.

OH!  Last night, after I wept watching “My Sister’s Keeper”, I went looking for another Pay Per View movie, and I came across “Food, Inc.”  I don’t know why I do this to myself.  I don’t know, but I think most people who watch these documentaries think of how gross some of the images are.  Maybe they feel sorry for the cattle that are being slaughtered or for the chickens who are having their heads chopped off.  That’s not what runs through my head.

Instead I get all bent out of shape over the POLITICS of it!  And the fact that people don’t research or care enough to make changes.  Okay, I won’t rant too much about it here … because I want to remain calm for the rest of the night, and not annoy anyone.  I will just say, when I think about what is happening via the government allowing its strings to be pulled by these few multi-national corporations is sickening … and it makes me wish I were a lawyer.  I’d be all over these idiots.  Okay, rant done.

Moving on to the holidays, I’d like to get your opinion.  I had a Facebook Face-Off with my cousin this afternoon who lives in Kentucky (where I’m from).  The conversation went like this:

Cousin: Christmas is the best time of year! 

Me: Whatever

Cousin: Em, you know you’d love to be up here for the snow =)

Me: Christmas is OK, but it is NOT the best time of the year. Summer is! Outdoor parties, sunshine, swimming pools, pina coladas, suntans. C’mon – Christmas has none of that.

Cousin: Christmas is when all the family is together! nothing is better than that!

Me: Family pool parties & picnics aren’t fun? I rest my case!

Cousin: No you do not! because the only time our family is ever in one place is christmas.

Me: We were all together when I was in town over the summer at Patricks. I vote we start celebrating Christmas in July.

So, where do you stand on this debate?  Do you like the cold, the festivities, the snow, the wind and cold?  Isn’t the whole point of Christmas to be a celebration?  How the hell do you celebrate when it’s freaking COLD outside?  If I’m going to spend vacation time traveling North, let’s do it in the summer when we can all lounge outside around the pool.  Gifts, No Gifts?  Doesn’t matter to me. 

I just say we start celebrating when the weather makes sense.  OR, we can all start celebrating Christmas at my house in Orlando.  Seriously?  Shouldn’t THEY be coming down HERE?  It makes no sense for the City Boy and I to go into the blizzard, voluntarily!!  Anyway, tell me your opinion.



One Response to Humbug for Sunblock?

  1. amy says:

    I love the snow and the cold at Christmas time ONLY. After the first week of January I’m ready for it to be over. It adds to the Christmasy feel (plus it’s odd to be drinking eggnog and hot chocolate when it’s hot outside). I’m not at all a fan of winter except for the two or three weeks right around Christmas.

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