Catastrophe – calling all Good Samaritans

My mother is a nurse, and works with a wonderful woman who is raising her 9-month old grandson.  Tragedy struck yesterday as her house went up in flames, with all her Earthly possessions.  Luckily, though no one was hurt.

My Mom sent a notification out on Facebook this morning asking for donations of food, baby clothes, blankets, anything that anyone could provide to help Carol piece things back together.  I’m hoping and assuming that she had home owners insurance, which should take care of most things, but their immediate needs (especially just a few days before Thanksgiving) are what we’re most concerned about.

Please email me for information on how or where to send any item you find it in your heart to give.  I’m sure blankets, baby food, gift cards and clothes are probably their biggest concern at the time being. (emelou AT gmail DOT com)

Hmmm, just when I was about to start my “what am I thankful for” essay, I hear about this.  Isn’t it awful that it sometimes takes a horrific life event happening to someone else before we really feel blessed for what we have at the moment?  Anyway, that essay will be coming soon.  In the meantime, say a prayer and hopefully you have it in your heart to share with a good woman who needs the help.

Oh, yes … don’t forget you can email me for further details if interested.


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