Well … last month after attending my brother’s wedding my Crackberry was not behaving itself.  Battery would drain after 3 hours, even when not in use.  It was moving very slowly.  Stopped delivering messages, etc.  I had been toying with the idea of going to one of those unlimited plans for $50, but that meant I would lose the whole Blackberry package.  Tough times in the economy … so I used it as an excuse to ditch the Blackberry (cold turkey) and going to Boost Mobile.

Oh My Everloving God, People!  I have felt like someone has cut off my right arm for the past month.  No email delivery.  No user-friendly interface.  No mobile Facebook updates.  The phone I bought at Boost was a Motorola with a QWERTY keypad, but it SUCKS!  I cannot even tell you how much.

I know this makes me sound like such a snob, but seriously – I don’t know how people without a smart phone handle it.  I felt so isolated and out of sync with the world.

Anyway, since jumping back into the business, I kicked the stupid Motorola to the curb (anyone want a practically un-used free phone?) and got my new Blackberry 8900 Titanium today.  Agh … relief!  Come tomorrow, once it’s been charged and I setup my email accounts, etc. I will feel like an active participant in the world again.  It feels like FREEDOM.

Plus, since I purchased it through my business I will be receiving a commission each month on the bill I pay!!  How sweet is that?  If you’re interested in knowing more about having the opportunity for yourself just let me know and I will HOOK YOU UP!!

In other news, I’m exhausted despite my elation about the update in technology … so, this is yet another shortened post.  Next week will be better … there is much in the works right now and I’m coming up on a big breakthrough!  Woo hoo!


2 Responses to Eureka!

  1. Dani says:

    I had a standard flip phone until August and let me tell you, I hear ya, sister. As I was reading this I’m thinking,”Wait, I never used to have my email available to me all the time…or my banking information (though wrong half the time)always there…or the location of the nearest Starbucks to me right now, right away, right here, cause I need a coffee fix.” And that thought made me sad.

    • Em says:

      I know!! I’ve never been a “tech snob”, but let me tell you … it is sooo luxurious to have all that at your disposal! I don’t have a GPS in my car, because I’ve got it ON MY PHONE! How freaking awesome is that?!? Sorry — it’s just been a month since I’ve had my Blackberry, and now that I’ve got a newer, better model I am giddy with excitement!! 🙂

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