Are You Seeing A Pattern Here?

Well … since becoming all “gung ho” about the new business, I haven’t taken much time to do my usual tasks.  You know, like cleaning, laundry, posting to the blog, answering emails, returning phone calls and balancing the checkbook, or – gasp!  Catching up on Google Reader.  I just checked my page, and there are 99 posts that I haven’t yet read. 

Slacker.  That’s me.

So, I’m going to try catching up on my reading, hopefully this week.  There are so many things happening right now, so I won’t complain about not having the time … I just really wish I had the time – okay, I know that was complaining.  What are you gonna do?

Well, I’m off to do some light straightening up before hitting the hay for the night. 

Again, I apologize for yet another half-assed post.  Luckily, there’s only 12 more days of November, so I’ll be able to write more significant content in December … for example, did you know my birthday is the week after Thanksgiving?  December 2nd will mark my 28th birthday — YIKES!!


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