Is There A Ferris Wheel Around Here?

After sitting through an awesome training day yesterday, I can finally (after some months of worry and fretting and not-having-a-purpose) say that my business is about to hit the mother f&cking roof, People!!  And, obviously, I’m excited.

I’ve got a plan for the next 90 days that will push me to the absolute limits of my comfort zone, but I need it – and so does my future little family that is going to be here sooner than I know it.

So … tonight I am having the sensation of being on a rollercoaster – front row.  This year has been the agonizing, nerve wracking, and slow ascent to the top of the first big hill that the rest of the ride’s momentum is based.  It seemed like we were clicking and clacking and jerking and pulling forever, and I couldn’t even see where the top of the peak was.  I looked left, right, up and down but could never see further than the shoulder straps that held me in.  Nails gripped the lap restraint. 

But now, I have reached the peak.  I’m looking down a little and am starting to see life that exists beyond my little ride, but it’s only getting me more excited for the wild ride that I’m about to experience.

90 days … it’ll be work, but I have to make it happen. 



One Response to Is There A Ferris Wheel Around Here?

  1. Jack says:

    Wide open squint- that is an apt description of me on a roller coaster. Good luck with the next 90 days.

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