Okay, this is a little ironic … yesterday I attended an all-day motivational seminar.  Celebrities like: Lee Holtz, Colin Powell, Dr. Schuller, Laura Bush, Terry Bradshaw, Rudy Giuliani, and Zig Zigler were in attendance.  And, it was motivational, despite the fact it resembled the RNC.  It was full of interesting speeches, good notes, a few opportunities to improve our financial IQ, incredibly expensive and not very healthy food, and LOTS of crowds of sllloow moving people (one of my 2 biggest pet peeves).  All in all it was a good experience.

They gave away a cruise vacation, a new car, $250,000 (no.  I was the recipient of NONE of them). 

The ironic part (mentioned above) is that I spent all day at a motivational seminar and by the time I got home, I was so UN-motivated that I just sat on the couch and watched the Biggest Loser (by the way, I’m so upset that Shay got the boot.  But, she looked great on Jay Leno!)  I wasn’t even motivated enough to live up to my commitment to post every day in the month of November.  What a failure I am.

Oh well, today is a new day.  I’m trying to do some soul-searching about many things, such as:

* what am I going to do with these new businesses I created this year?

* what am I going to do about the 2 NEW businesses I’m thinking of creating this year?

* what are my TRUE goals that I need to be striving for?

* what steps do I need to take in order to achieve ANY of these things?

* what is it that I truly want in this life?

* should I start taking steps NOW to open that non-profit I’ve had my eye on for so long?  Or, should I wait until the above-mentioned companies start pulling in some substantial funds?

I know I have a tendency to over-analyze some things, but the truth is: these things need to be asked.  I’ve spent the last year just wandering aimlessly, without any clear and defined expectations for myself or my life.  And it’s time to take out the trash, as they like to say in corny movies.

So, I’m taking the rest of the week to do just that, of course I still plan to post daily … let’s just forget yesterday’s laziness ever occurred okay?  Thanks!

By the way, I know how I am going to tackle this whole “sorting things out” challenge (by make 6,457 lists), but I would like to know how you do it.  What is your strategy to handling these big questions?  How do you do it?



3 Responses to Repenting

  1. Dani says:

    I am also a list maker. Somehow everything always seems so much more clear and attainable if it is lined up on in print in a nice column.Then I go back after I complete something on the list and reassess each of the items to see what new needs to be added and what is no longer as important (based on the consequences of the completed item).

    This is all assuming, of course, that nothing shiny is in the vicinity to distract me.

  2. Kelli says:

    I am pretty sure you could NOT be farther from “failure.” FYI.
    🙂 You are awesome!

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