Got The Sunday Night, Feeling Kinda Dizzy Blues

Honestly, there is much that is swimming around in the wee brain that resides inside my skull.  But I’m feeling a smidge anti-social and would rather take the time to really mew it around and choose my words wisely before I make a mistake and end up saying something that probably isn’t what I was initially thinking about in the first place. 

Do you ever do that?  Not give yourself enough time to really think something through, and what ends up spewing from your mouth is probably not even an accurate depiction of your opinion in the first place?  No?  Oh, well I guess it’s just me.

I guess before I abruptly end this post I will share one little tidbit of today with you …

The City Boy, Pieter and I spent the afternoon at my grandparents’ house about an hour South of here.  When we were driving home in the dark, not 3 miles from our neighborhood something SLAMS into the driver side of my car.  I made some sort of startled gasp, quickly scanning for any sort of explanation for the sudden jolt.  I didn’t hit a car.  Did a car hit me?  Did a wild animal just come hurdling from the woods and directly into my driver side door?  Nothing made sense.

Then, the City Boy tells me that he saw two men standing by the road right when we passed, and one of the men threw something at my car.  I immediately starting braking, because a.) I wanted to kick their asses and b.) if they damaged the unblemished body of my car, they WOULD pay!!  But, the City Boy told me NOT to stop.  Guess that probably was the sensible road to take anyway.

So, I pulled into the CVS on the corner and hopped out to take a look.  It was dark, so it’s quite possible I just didn’t see a gaping dent somewhere.  But it appeared as if the only damage was a little 1/2 inch scratch in the paint.  Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t look good, but I may be able to buff it out … ha ha!  As if I’m ever going to try “buffing” anything out in my whole life!!  Oh, that’s funny.

So, here I sit.  Almost bed time and thinking about oh-so-many things.  Tomorrow should be better.  I tend to concentrate better OUTSIDE of my house for some reason.  cherio!


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