Reunion – with water, with a friend

I spent the afternoon on the water today … in a friend’s boat.  I haven’t been out on the water in almost 2 years, and it felt great.  Of course, when I used to go it usually involved a cooler of beer and blaring 80’s music.  Perhaps a quick jump into the river to get wet, but on no occasion did I ever consider it “active”. 

Today’s trip was a little different.  Apparently, one of my friends from middle & high school lives just 45 minutes north from me.  We realized our close proximity via Facebook about a month ago, and she invited me to join her and her fiance out on the boat today.  I hadn’t seen her since our Junior year of high school, and she looks GREAT!  Her fiance brought along one of his friends and they spent the time wakeboarding and surfing behind the boat, while Cindy and I chatted about life in Florida, old friends, dogs, planning weddings, etc.  We took a quick break to play some Bocci ball (which was a totally new sport to me).  The girls lost by a landslide, but it was fun.

She and her fiance just bought their house, and they took me on a tour.  It really is beautiful.  I met their dog, and we’ve now been invited to a reunion of sorts over New Years Eve at their home with some other high school pals from “back home”.

It was a really great day, despite that I didn’t feel that well and the City Boy wasn’t present.  Just knowing there’s one more person in the area that I’ve known since sixth grade really put the soul at ease, you know?  I’m looking forward to future double-dates and introducing the City Boy to them. 

And I really like her future-husband.  He was kind and funny, and obviously adores Cindy.  Wonderful day!

Now, here I sit … waiting for the City Boy to get home from work, listening to Lexi chewing on her new bone in the living room with the windows open to the night air.  A very good way to end it.

Tomorrow, we will wake up early, take the pup for a run and head to my grandparents’ for a day of visiting.  Here’s hoping Papaw will change the oil in my car for me. *wink*


3 Responses to Reunion – with water, with a friend

  1. 5hep says:

    How funny is it, that a few weeks of you and talking about this very thing you two actually did something together? Weird, right? I wish I had that kind of luck, but the only person close to me from high school is eye brows deep in vet school right now.

    • Em says:

      I had a really good time. She is doing well, and seems very happy with her fiance. He’s a very nice guy, also. I’m hoping our schedules with sync right, and we’ll be able to do some double-dating here soon. 🙂 Is Ally done with her test yet? It’s this month, isn’t it?

  2. 5hep says:

    Nov. 25. 16 days away. It’s been so hard lately. I’m trying to be as patient as I possibly can but it’s hard, extremely hard.

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