While I’m At It …

I swear, not 12 hours after the City Boy and I talked and decided on moving Northward last week, he innocently posted something on his Facebook wall.  I had mistakenly not told him that I wanted to keep it hush hush from the family – and just like that … EVERYONE knew.  First it was my sister, then my aunt, then my grandmother.

Finally, I had to step in.

“Please don’t tell my mother.  Sssssh!”

And it wasn’t more than 3 hours later that my mother saw it.

“Okay”, she posted.  “I won’t tell your mother.” she responded.

And then, just as I had predicted, she started complaining that Columbus, OH was too far north and wouldn’t we like to move back to the old Hometown?  Blah blah blah.

“NOoooo!” I cried, via typed letters.  “We are NOT moving back there!  We’re going to Columbus, and that’s FINAL!!”

Of course, at that point the City Boy tried to make ME the bad guy.

“Whoa!  Looks like Em is layin’ down the law!”

Of course, he conveniently forgot to mention that he is dead set against moving back to my hometown.  Whatever, I guess you can call it self-preservation from the wrath of my family that is of the female persuasion.  I guess it was a good move, in the evolutionary sense.

So, here we are: a week later, and now everyone seems to know of our plans.  And just as predicted I’m hearing things like, “Why wait?”  or “What’s keeping you?”  Or my favorite: “Get your asses up here!!”


All in good time, People.  All in good time.

And, in other family-related news.  After posting that picture last night of my mom holding me at 22 days old, I started thinking … “You know.  I really was an adorable baby, and that really ISN’T a good photo of me.”  So, I will leave you with these little morsels of adorableness. 





Emily Baby - Kiawah


Or, how about this provocative photo? Hee hee!  Adorable, no?

Emily Baby - Patrick & Em in Bath


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