My Little Terror


So, this whole “puppy training”, or as I like to call it “trying like hell to live peacefully with a raging, carnivorous beast” is not exactly going as well as I had expected.


At least I have one angel right now.

Truthfully, I know that once she is out of this whole “puppy phase” she’s going to be a kick ass dog!  She already misses me when I’m gone (much to the City Boy’s chagrin), she sleeps through the night (MOST of the time), she’s a great alarm clock, is good for running with, is usually a good playmate for Pieter, and growls and barks at people at JUST the right times.


Obviously, she’s a work in progress. (and, YES, I know that she needs a nail trim)

Look at the role model I’ve provided her!  She’s got a lot to live up to.



2 Responses to My Little Terror

  1. Dani says:

    You don’t need ankles do you? Nah, I didn’t think so. Also, I know I’m probably very late tot his party, but Pieter makes my brain turn to mush with cuteness.

    • Em says:

      Oh, he is “the man” alright. So sweet, but also spunky and quirky. So much so, that my 75 year old grandmother who has always DESPISED pets of any sort, actually MISSES Pieter when we leave after a visit. She actually TALKS to my mother about how much she enjoys Pieter. Believe me … that’s sayin’ something!

      Thanks for stopping by. He’s my favorite, if that’s not obvious! 🙂

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