Like A Ton Of Bricks

I realize now that I have only 50 days left in my current project.  That gives me 50 days to either find a new project or new employment altogether.  While I am not concerned about my ability to find a new project, I am a bit worried about how much I’d make on said new project.  The economy in Florida totally sucks right now, and while there are SOME jobs available to people in my field, they are being offered at a much lower rate of pay than, say, two years ago.  Hell, even last year!

So, this week I resolved to hit the ground running – even though I’ve already blown that, because here it is Tuesday and I’m still just “thinking” about what I’m going to do next.  So, my next plan is to write out all my options, in order of priority and then attack each one.  Even though I’m getting a slightly late start this week, I am confident that this will be finished by week’s end.  And HOPEFULLY I’ll be one step closer to continued income in 2010.

You know what else I realized yesterday?  We only have 6 months and 4 weeks before our scheduled wedding date!  And we still have LOTS of planning to do.  See, when we got engaged in February, I thought it would be stressful being so far away and planning this thing long distance.  But, in fact, the opposite is true.  I am sooo laid back about it that it’s scary!  Turns out, I need someone here with a checklist and clipboard in hand.  I need someone to take an interest and offer ideas.  I need help!!  I hope this doesn’t end up resembling my old tactics during high school and college.  Procrastinate on a writing or economics or psychology project until the night before it’s due, tell myself “it’s Okay.  I work better under pressure”, and turn in a kick ass final product … and all it cost me was 3 Mountain Dews, probably a pack of cigarettes, and a severe lack of sleep. 

Actually, the truth is: I do work better under pressure.  Without having a looming deadline, I lack the proper motivation and passion that most of my to-do items require.  So, since no one else is here to hold me accountable, I’m leaving it to you Internets (don’t you love it when people bestow YOU the responsibility of making sure THEY do the right thing?  It has always bugged me when people did that, but now I can see the appeal) to make sure I complete the following tasks in the month of November:

  • Finalize guest list, complete with addresses
  • Make and send “Save The Date Cards” to out of town guests
  • Send deposit for Reverend
  • Send deposit for DJ
  • Send deposit for string quartet
  • Determine color and fabric that is necessary for bridesmaid dresses – decide whether to assign a dress or let them choose on their own

See, that really isn’t so bad!  The guest list is almost final – I just need to think realistically about our budget and try to weed out some of the un-necessary guests.  It was so interesting being at my brother’s wedding and realizing that I won’t be able to invite all these people.  It’s sad I guess … but the truth is I want us to have a more intimate wedding.  I don’t WANT long lost cousins and pre-school teachers to be there.  No offense to them, but my new rule is: if you aren’t someone I talk to at least once a year, then you’re probably not that crucial to the event.

What do you think?  Too harsh?

Also, the final reality here is: I may be unemployed as of December 26th … so, this wedding might be MUCH MORE intimate than I even imagine … meaning, some Cheez Whiz over crackers, paper party hats, and a cardboard box dance floor with a boom box for entertainment. 

Actually, now that I think of it, that sounds like fun also! J  It’s all in WHO you are spending the time with, right?


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