Cause & Effect

How about a little game I like to call, Cause & Effect

Cause: I will be traveling this weekend to Cincinnati for my brother’s wedding.


  • A jarring climate change of 90+ degrees to 50 degrees + wind and possible snow flurries
  • I will be dropping off Lexi tomorrow morning at a batshitcrazy woman’s house for the weekend (more on that later), which I am increasingly nervous about.
  • Friday morning I will be dropping off Pieter on the way to the airport with his usual sitters who love him like a son – it’s wonderful and eerie at the same time.
  • I spent $80 last night at Target on a dress to wear to the rehearsal and two new pairs of shoes. I am absolutely NOT one of those women who lives to shoe shop.  Truth be told, these were the first shoes I’ve purchased since 2006.
  • I have yet to purchase their wedding gift because I’m too lazy to grab my “This Is My Life” binder out from behind the driver seat of my car and bring it into the office with me.  Every day I forget it.  And even now that I remember it, I am still too lazy to walk outside & grab it.  What the hell is wrong with me?!?
  • I may just give them a gift card … not a very sentimental, sisterly gift though is it?  I think they’d rather get the SONY Camcorder that is still on their registry list.  Tick tock, Em.  Tick tock!
  • Am already missing the City Boy who will be joining me in Cincinnati on Saturday morning (work schedule = unyielding), and then we’ll be spending the entire day apart from each other because I’ll be off doing “wedding stuff”.  So, he’ll spend the majority of the day with my brother and the groomsmen, he’ll spend the wedding sitting next to my mom, and will even eat dinner at my mom’s table at the reception. 
  • But … the dance floor?  That is all ours, Baby!!  And I can’t wait for the party.  If there’s one thing my family excels at, it’s having fun!  Especially if music is involved.
  • After the wedding, we’ll be boarding a plane Sunday morning, all hung over (no doubt) and will spend the remainder of the day gathering dogs from various sources, doing laundry and drinking LOTS of water.

Many photos and hopefully good stories will soon follow.

Cause: In the bridal party, we will be wearing Moss green dresses (of various styles) and gold shoes (of various styles, heights, straps, etc.)


  • I will be heading to the alterations shop this afternoon to pick up my bridesmaid dress, and am very hopeful that I will be able to carry it on the plane.
  • I need to purchase a pair of gold heels to wear in the wedding.  All bridesmaids were left to their own devices to find and purchase suitable gold shoes. 
  • Honestly?  I think our moss green dresses & gold shoes will make us all look like Leprechauns and imagine the groomsmen to be wearing kilts and bagpipes.

Cause: I finally got my haircut yesterday and it was done properly.  It only took a year of living here to get it right!


  • Now that it’s finally short enough, I worry that it may be “too short” to look any bit of formal at the wedding.
  • Am thankful that the future sister-in-law is a beautician/hairstylist so she can hopefully offer some advice.  After all, it’s her wedding.  She is definitely vested in the interest of my hair at least for ONE day.
The Happy Couple!

The Happy Couple!

Anyway, that’s about it.  Got another boot camp class today in about 3 hours and can’t wait!  Actually, I CAN wait.  My legs are still pretty tender from Monday’s camp, but I do love it.  I was all ready to hit the gym yesterday when I came down with the chills and shakes at work, so I went home and slept for an extra 5 hours instead. Bliss.

I’m going to stop typing now, otherwise I’ll keep rambling.  Stop. Typing. Stupid. Fingers! End.


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