Indie Ink — giving praise

Indie Ink – Sounds like a tattoo parlor, doesn’t it?  That’s why I like it.  It is not, in fact, a tattoo parlor but a non-revenue seeking website for bloggers and artists to converge their musings.  I like it.  I like the random things I read there; stumble upon bloggers I wouldn’t otherwise be subjected to.

When I think of collaborative sites like Indie Ink, it really forces the thought of the “blogosphere” being an actual community.  Sure, there are lurkers who leave anonymous, less-than-nice comments at times.  And then, there are all the opportunistic idiots who use “leave a comment” sections as a place to plug their latest penile enlargement product.  But when you cut through the bull shit, you find a whole world of people who take interest in each other’s lives, personalities, struggles, triumphs.  There are some that I read to laugh, some to think, some for politics, some for a good love story, some for pure sarcasm and bite.

I’m (obviously) not blogging for money.  You see no ads on my site.  Would I write for money?  You better believe it … I just don’t have the readership to support the notion at the moment.  And seeing advertisements on blogs does not offend me at all.  Hey – I am a LOVER of the capitalist system, and am always happy to see someone make a buck or two from their labor/ideas/products/etc.  I guess the only thing that really bugs me is when it’s made a little TOO obvious that you’re reading a commercial.  And, because II is all about non-revenue-just-do-what-you-love-to-do: write.

So, I’m glad to know Indie Ink, for the opportunity to come across new writers that I can follow and potentially new friends, wherever they may be.  And also, I think it’s awesome that (because it is a non-revenue generating site) there are people who put places like this together … on their own free time, will & volition.  That is so cool!!


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