A New Day, A New Challenge … A New Opportunity

This is it.  Day One of the Life Lessons Network Transformation Challenge.  The official weigh-in and body fat calculation is to take place tomorrow afternoon, followed by boot camp, followed by a trip to Whole Foods for some grub.  Followed by a relaxing, restful slumber, followed by 89 more days of the same thing, which hopefully will sculpt this body into the supreme bride by May.

I met with the co-founder of Life Lessons Network this week.  She is an absolute inspiration, and lovely person.  I instantly felt like we had some things in common … business sense and optimism being two of them.  After talking with her I felt like I could accomplish all my major career goals by Christmas!  On the drive home I was giddy with excitement and gratitude that the opportunity to meet these people was presented to me.  Glad that she talked me into writing my essay even though I felt like I don’t have that much weight to lose. 

Upon returning to my home after our meeting I called my aunt while the dogs ran around outside in the cooler air.  We spent thirty minutes on the phone.  She began by telling me about some challenges she is facing right now, and I spent the next twenty minutes trying to fire her up to make some positive changes.  I was so glad when, at the end of the call, it seemed like the things I had said to her really sunk in.  I was so happy and excited and anxious for all the potential we ALL have in our lives.

So, in the spirit of celebrating our opportunities in this country & society, I am going to let the world know what I’m up to.  Maybe it will bring more business to me?  Maybe it will bring more business to those who read it here?  Maybe it will serve as a motivator or an idea generator for you.  Please let me know …

Announcing the Business & Services Page


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