Countdown to Nuptials: EXACTLY 8 months!!

As mentioned previously, since becoming engaged in February we have put our money down and then changed our minds on two different venues for our wedding & reception next year.  Our second choice was actually “The Perfect Place”, but due to economic constraints it just wasn’t responsible for us to go through with all the costs.  Once I cancelled our reservation with Norlyn Manor, I went back to the drawing board completely on all wedding ideas conceived so far.

I decided to ask my aunt and uncle if we could have the festivities at their house.  They built their house in the mid-90’s with the entire theme being of a laid back entertainment atmosphere.  They’ve got several acres with a pond and a large house, plenty of parking, and they know how to do the whole “entertainment/wedding” thing in style.  My aunt has tres experience catering and planning weddings, and is an excellent resource for common sense tips.

It seemed to me that the best time to ask Aunt Donna for permission to invade upon her home for a weekend would be AFTER my future sister-in-law’s bridal shower that was held at (duh) my aunt’s house, of course.  Nervously, I hemmed and hawed while waiting for the guests to say their good-byes and head home.  Finally, when all that remained was my father and the City Boy, I threw out the request.

Instantly, we went into planning mode.  “What is your menu?” she wanted to know.  Then, the barrage of questions that followed; then, the suggestions including where we could rent tents & chairs, and she totally shot down my flower idea.  The conversation lasted quite a while but I was so glad to be finally talking about these things – out loud.  With someone who has a good idea how things typically go!  It was forcing us to make decisions (or at least begin thinking about some details).  I love my Aunt Donna.  She’s so generous, a hard worker, wonderful entertainer, and definitely has the attitude of “let’s get this shit done!”   

0909 - Kentucky - Aunt Donna's - Backyard1

So, by the time we left her house that day we had decided that the wedding & reception would be held at her house, with a cocktail hour before the ceremony to allow guests just a little longer to meet and mingle.  Aunt Donna and my father apparently have a good hook-up with regard to the table, chair & tent rental so that takes a load off as well.

0909 - Kentucky - Aunt Donna's - Backyard2

It feels so good to have some ideas out there.  Knowing that my aunt has experience dealing with weddings and vendors and what to expect just adds a whole level of confidence to my planning.  Not that I plan to lean on her for much – because I don’t.  But when I want to bounce some ideas she will definitely be on the list of people to call first.

So, our venue costs have gone from $2,000 to $13,000 down to $0 in a matter of 4 months.  It’s been stressful and exhausting, but definitely well worth the trouble.  Wouldn’t you agree?

Next on the wedding preparations list:

  • Send the DJ our deposit
  • Send the reverend our deposit
  • Setup hotel rooms in the area for traveling guests (there’s a whole boat load of them – well, not “literally” a boat load; they’ll probably travel by air or car)
  • Finalize brides maid dresses and groomsman attire
  • Create and send out Save The Date cards by Halloween
  • Start working on playlist for the reception.

Also, we intend on writing our own wedding vows.  If you have any tips on that experience, please share them.  I’m nervous.  Do they need to be of a specific theme?  Should we write them TOGETHER?  Or surprise each other with them (like they always do on television). 

Hell, I guess if you’ve got tips concerning ANYTHING at all, share.  Share Share Share!


One Response to Countdown to Nuptials: EXACTLY 8 months!!

  1. Angella says:

    Oh, wedding planning is FUN!

    Busy and stressful sometimes, but fun. Congratulations!!

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