Calling all people who have “moved away” … please tell me if you ever do this.  Or, am I once again “the cheese that stands alone”?

I am from Northern Kentucky (the greater Cincinnati area) and live 910 miles away in Florida.  Since living so far away, whenever I overhear people talking about anything relating to Kentucky or Cincinnati I have the strongest urge to burst into their conversation just to say, “Hey!  I know THAT!” or “No, no, no.  You’ve got it all wrong”, or “Jerry Springer?!  Did you know he was the mayor of Cincinnati?  Did you know he got the boot for soliciting a prostitute? And that his show actually originated in Cincinnati and started out as a very calm, Oprah-esque experience?”  Of course, I usually just bite my tongue and squirm in my office seat instead.

Or, when I’m driving down the road and see a Kentucky license plate pass me, I always (if legally possible) speed up to get a look at which county the car is registered to.  Why do I do this?  Because, honestly, even when the car IS traveling from my home county what am I going to do?  Honk my horn like an idiot, knowing full well that the driver will have NO IDEA what I’m up to?  I’ve thought about putting a KY bumper sticker on my car just so KY passersby will understand why it looks like I’m stalking them on the road.  I do this also when anyone has a University of Kentucky sticker on their vehicle.

Maybe it’s the fact that I feel so unrepresented down here.  Or that I still feel so very “Kentuckian” despite that I’ve lived here most of my adult life.  For example, I hate wearing shoes!  Around the house, in my car especially.  When I go outside to check the mail, let the dogs in the backyard you better believe I won’t be wearing shoes.  So many people have issues with walking outside with nothing on their feet, but me?  I LOVE it! 

It seems that 95% of the Florida population are transplants from other places.  New York is a big contributor to our population, as well as Texas, New Jersey, Minnesota, Chicago, Connecticut, etc.  I’ve yet to come across someone from Cincinnati.  Sure, I’ve met some Louisville’ians and I know some people who have relatives in the Cincy area, but none that actually have taken the plunge to move HERE.  Why the heck is that?

And why does it make me feel so alone?  Share with me.  Am I alone in this?


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