My Beast of Burden

Lexi Girl has grown quite a bit since we brought her home August 2nd.  She is exactly 16 weeks old today.

0909 - Beasts - Lexi, relaxed


I found Lexi slumbering on her blanket yesterday.  She was in good spirits, and allowed a brief photo shoot.



Or, my personal favorite …



It’s so hard to accept that she is growing older and bigger … and louder, with sharper teeth and bass’ier barks.  With a massive attitude and big paws, and a mouth big enough to put Pieter’s head in — she’s tested that theory. 

This week has been a real challenge with her, but Stacy reminded me yesterday that she’s still just a puppy.  So, I’ll just need to KEEP reminding myself of that for the next 2 months.

Remember this?




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