Getting A Grip

I’ve always been a list maker.  My date book & purse and kitchen table, and cubicle surface is usually sporting at least 3 lists, whether they be grocery lists, daily to-do lists, or more specific lists, like, Wedding Tasks or Remodeling Projects.  And, because I can’t stand to see a list with a bunch of cross marks through it, and the inevitable doodling if left on the counter for too long, I usually update, revise and re-work my lists on a somewhat regular basis.  I also keep a perpetual financial spreadsheet on my flash drive that is updated daily.  I like to see NOW what disciplined spending can look like LATER.  It’s awesome when you have clarity of what is going on, you know?

Since life became so chaotic this year (financial changes, businesses started, succeeded, some failed, some stalled, and some are about to awaken) I found myself in a new ballgame.  On a field I always hoped I could avoid playing on; I suddenly was sporting a glove at short stop and anticipating the line drives.  I remember calling my mom on a Sunday afternoon a few months ago.  It was meant to be a typical “How are you” conversation, but something clicked in my head and I couldn’t contain my tears.  She understood, but told me that I needed to learn to just “roll with it”.  She told me that I can’t control everything.  That I needed to just leave my spreadsheets alone for awhile because it’s only going to further my frustration seeing in Black and White the startling reality that I can’t “plan” my way out of a recession.  It sounded like an OK idea, but I never thought for a moment that I could follow through with it.  And, I was right.  I haven’t given up on my spreadsheets … I’ve just found myself revising them on a daily basis because Life. Keeps.  Hitting. Me. In. The Face. 

But I have taken a severe detour on my lists.  And, if I were honest, I’d tell you that living without lists hasn’t been as bad as I expected.  I still manage to know what I need to do each day (even if I have repetitively forgotten some tasks), and the dogs have been fed each day, the laundry is still getting done.  The basics of life I can handle without the lists.  So, that’s the good news.  The bad news?  Is that every other category of life does NOT get done in the absence of lists.

I  just sat down to get some clarity on all I need to get done, and I cannot tell you how overwhelmed I am at the thought of it.  Business tasks, wedding tasks, travel tasks, my brother’s wedding tasks, Transformation Challenge tasks, etc.  However, I know that once I get this incredibly long and categorized list completed I will have a clear cut plan on getting things done, which will make things so much easier.  Shew.  It’s just a matter of doing it.

Basically, what I’ve learned here is that while I have tried (no, TRIED) to “roll with it” some more, I know that I just can’t (no, CAN’T).  It’s not who I am.  I have so much I want to get done, and I know that once I give in to the “life happens.  Just roll with it” mentality, I’ll end up nowhere, accomplishing nothing. 

So, tell me how you try to keep a handle on all that is going on?  Do you keep lists?  Let your Outlook calendar rule the agenda?  Go with the flow?  Let’s share, People!


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