It’s Not Ideal, but I Have to Say “It’s OK”

When I hear words like “recession” or “falling economy” or “tough times” I think of sacrifices.  People who have taken up a second or third job to continue paying their bills.  People who have had to re-route their entire career objective in order to overcome the hurdles currently obstructing their way.  Buying generic peanut butter instead of JIF (we all know that generic peanut butter just plain sucks.  I don’t know why, but it does), adjusting our thermostats to bear just a little MORE discomfort during our waking hours at home, cutting back on impulse buys, holding on a little tighter to our cash as it’s deposited into the offering plate each Sunday (I’m speaking hypothetically on this one.  I don’t attend a church, so therefore am not tithing … maybe I shouldn’t have admitted that?)

Anyway, you get the drift.

I’m not going to list of the injustices and sacrifices we’ve made over the past year, but I will tell you that due to the current economic climate, the City Boy has just started a new job which will have him at work from 3pm to midnight 5 days a week (including Saturday).  I’m a pretty independent chick, so I’m not overly concerned about being lonely or scared in the house by myself at night.  I just worry about not getting to hang out with my best friend.  And I’ll worry about him driving after midnight on the highway.  I’m certainly not going to beg him to quit or give him a hard time about it.  We need the money, and it’s only temporary, and I know we can survive a tough schedule for crying out loud.  I’m just sad now for the “future me” who will be spending countless nights alone with the dogs watching reruns of Law & Order.

However, there is an upside to this!  I told myself months ago that I was on a “working-out/dieting/caring-about-fitness-period” freeze until the CB started a decent job.  With all the stress of weddings & moving & finances, I wasn’t going to let myself stress about how many calories I had burned that day as well.  Besides, we couldn’t really afford to EAT right, so why bother on the other stuff?  All or nothing … that’s my philosophy.  Anyway, due to him starting this job on Monday, I’ve been actually thinking and planning and getting back into the old frame of mind, and I must say.  I like it.

I joined a networking group called Fit & Social Orlando.  They have meet-ups all over Orlando throughout the week … different things like Pilates, or Yoga, or Running or boot camps.  They are participating in all the local 5K runs (there are a ba-zillion in the area throughout the year) and bike rides, etc.  I think this will be good for me while the City Boy is working.  It will allow me to get back into moving my ass, and who knows?  It may even help me meet a friend or two?!  So, the first event I’m participating in is a 5K on the 26th.  CB is going to run it with me, although I’m sure he will kick my ass.  On Monday, I ran about 1.5 miles, and the same yesterday.  Today I’m going to the gym at our neighborhood recreation center to take care of some leg workouts.  I’ll run with the puppy in the evenings (she NEEDS it) and hit the gym 4 days per week.  I can’t wait to see some muscle again.  I want my body back from last year!!

In addition to keeping fit, not having the City Boy home in the evenings means I have no excuse not to get Lexi in tip top shape, training wise.  All I need is some peace & quiet and her attention.  So, I think that after a run each night she will be more receptive to learning how we want her to behave.  Any tips or advise will be much appreciated by the way.

I plan to use some of this time to plan our wedding and do more writing.  And there should be no reason why my house isn’t clean everyday.  Actually, this little lifestyle sounds really great.  And all of this would all be so wonderful … but there’ll still be a gaping hole in daily life without the City Boy to flash me that smile when I’m frustrated, or put the moves on me when I least expect it.  No more coming home in the evenings to a bubble bath already ran and candles twinkling in the bathroom to the musical stylings of the Cranberries or Mariah Carey or Luther Vandross. 

I am now the single parent … with shared custody of two spoiled rotten “kids”.  Thank God for text messaging!!

So, the sacrificing will continue as long as the news continues to report 500K new unemployment claims each week.  The City Boy will work whatever hours he is asked to, our thermostat will continue to be knocked down just a little more and a little more, and I don’t see name brand peanut butter being a staple in the house for a long time to come.  But the important things we will not sacrifice … our health, our happiness, our love for each other … and my new bottles of Tousle Me Softly hair products.  That’s where I draw the line.


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