It May Seem Trivial …

But let me assure you that it isn’t. I don’t know what it is … the financial stress, the wedding stress, the travel stress, the new house stress, the training a new puppy stress, or the weighing obligations of all that we have going on that is bringing me down. It’s very hard to say the source, although I’d be willing to bet that it’s a little bit of everything rolled into one giant “bitch stick” that has hit me upside the head. Since May, I had cut off all spending. Seriously.

While saving for our down payment on the house, we were reduced to eating Ramen noodles for months. Actually, truth be told, that is still our nightly dinner – don’t judge. I’ve made two trips to Cincinnati in one month, have another planned for next month (thank God those tickets have already been purchased), and have been scrounging as much as possible for wedding expenses. Therefore, my hair hasn’t been cut since April when my mom & family were in town.

A little history …

I have crazy thick, wavy hair. It doesn’t do well when not in layers and chopped up really short in the back. When I lived in Kentucky, I had a hairstylist who I loved. Marie … oh, how I miss you! Sadly, I’ve lived in Florida almost 8 years and have only found one person who could cut it adequately – go figure, it was at Fantastic Sam’s in Jacksonville. I moved away from her almost immediately after finding her. It saddened me to start the search all over again. I don’t have the stamina to worry about stupid stuff like this! I realize how petty it is.

When I arrived in Orlando last year, I found a salon. I wanted to experiment with different hair colors and maintain my usual style. I found a girl. She cut some great hair … but I could NOT get it through her thick skull that I don’t straighten my hair. She left the ends very tapered (looked like split ends), which would look great if I straightened my hair each day. Instead, I let it air dry and do its own little “wavy/curly” number, and it looked ridiculous! Not soon after, my newfound stylist moved to Miami, and I was left to try out her replacement, Melissa.

The first time Melissa cut my hair, I really like it. It wasn’t as short or choppy as I usually like, but it was good enough. Like I said, that was back in April of this year. After that came the spending freeze mentioned above.

While standing at the printer two weeks ago at the office, a co-worker looked at me and said, “E! It’s time you do SOMETHING with that hair!” I’m so ashamed to admit that it took some chastising to loosen my grasp on what little cash I had to make an appointment. But, it’s important … so I made another appointment with Melissa.

I went through the usual schpiel about how short, where I want it layered, where I want it stacked, etc. Then, I let her do her thing. I’m not a micro-manager. We chatted about dating, marriage, her avoidance of having another child and her man’s discomfort about it – you know, the usual. When it was over, she showed me a mirror to check out the back and it looked satisfactory. I paid and left.

And then when I got home …

I realized she barely cut any of it! It seemed she only shaped up the back just a tad. A TAD!! Doesn’t she know how much I sacrificed to get my haircut?!? Doesn’t she know the importance of NOT hating the way you look every time you glance in a mirror? Does she know the frustration of not being able to control an over-grown mop with layers of disproportions? It makes me want to cry just thinking about it.

See this?  THIS is what I want ... short, layered, out of the way!

See this? THIS is what I want ... short, layered, out of the way!

Honestly, hair dressers everywhere, please take notice … we aren’t made of money! We want you to cut hair the way we request. When I tell you to get in there and chop it up … for God’s sake, DO IT! Now, I have to deal with feeling like an ugly idiot who paid-too-much-for-a-haircut-that-is-stupid every day until I can come up with more cash to get it corrected … and who do I go to now? I don’t trust any of you. What should I do?

Instead ... This is it.  Blaugh!

Instead ... This is it. Blaugh! (but HE is pretty cute, huh?)

Maybe I’m just taking out all my frustration with life’s circumstances of the moment on my poor unsuspecting hairstylist but you know what? I don’t care! I really needed this to turn out in my favor. I’m learning to just go with the flow on life – as hard as that is – is it too much to ask that my hair at least be what I want? Is it?

Tell me I’m not the only one. Tell me you, dear Readers, have experienced something frustration as this. Tell me your story. I need to know I’m not the only one.


2 Responses to It May Seem Trivial …

  1. Ohhhhh, but it is SO. NOT. TRIVIAL. I’ve had my guy for 13 years now. Problem is, I don’t live in Michigan anymore. One might think that living in San Francisco would provide a ton of options, right? One would be so, so wrong. Like, wrong in every possible way. I’ve gone through 4 or 5 – one of whom I told to reshape my bangs to side-swept-ish because they had grown out. Do you want to know who looked like a tranny when she walked out? If you guessed me, you’d be right. Bitch cut them straight across. They were one very short, straight across length, too short to wear a headband or anything. Oh my God.

    I just go back to Michigan now. I’m blonde now, but I’m going back in 10 days and have an appointment so I think I’m just going to get some sort of kicky brown that I don’t have to worry about roots and constant touch ups. Because, you know, I haven’t done a thing to my hair since February. And it looks awful.

    I’m sorry to ramble! I just share your pain so much. I’ve given up out here. I walk out $200-$250 lighter of money I really don’t even have, but I go back to my guy in Michigan and he charges me dirt because of how long we’ve been together. The airfare pretty much pays for itself. 😦

    /end rant.

    • roundsalot says:

      It looks like I’m gonna have to pull a Jurgen next month and see my old stylist, Marie while I’m in Kentucky. I’m glad you’ve got a long-term person like that … it’s too bad he’s so far away. I would definitely think that San Francisco of all places would have a plethora of very talented stylists. But, then again … I thought Orlando would too! 🙂

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