City Boy Has a Bad Day!

The City Boy has a best childhood friend in Chicago who breeds & trains dogs (Giant Schnauzers & Doberman’s.  If you’re interested in them, let me know).  He started distributing a natural, organic dog food a few months ago and has been hounding us to purchase some for the beasts.  Based upon what I read about it, it truly is superior to any dog food you can purchase at the pet store or grocery.  They use human-grade food, no weird by-products, no corn or wheat, filler-free.  It is high in fiber and even though each bag costs more than the grocery stuff, the dogs need to eat less of it, so it ends up being fairly economical.  Finally, after a few months we decided to take the leap.

We began slowly, but giving the kibble as treats when the beasts did what we asked.  This actually turned out to be the perfect treat while clicker training.  It’s small and tasty so they are MORE than willing to do whatever command we throw at them.  After a few days, we began feeding them more and more of the new super food.  As was expected, Lexi developed a pretty nasty case of diarrhea, but we expected it to diminish within a few days.  Unfortunately, on Day Two, we had to take her to the sitter who would be keeping her while we were in Kentucky.

I arrived home Wednesday evening to a house that had experienced what I like to call a “shit bomb” exploding in the kitchen!  Not only had Pieter, who has been house broken for 2 years, left a nice piece of poop in the foyer but Lexi had sprayed diarrhea all over her crate and my kitchen wall!  Talk about high in FIBER!!  I instantly kicked the beasts outside, picked up Pieter’s gift, and brought the puppy’s crate to the side yard to be washed out with the hose.  Then, I started on the mess in the kitchen.  Once everything was cleaned up, the house still smelled “a bit smelly” so I left the back door open, which allowed the pups to run inside and out, chasing each other back and forth.  A few times I caught sight of Lexi trying to rid herself of the bile in her intestines.  “Poor thing”, I thought.

By the time the City Boy got home, she seemed to have exhausted all resources of upset tummy, so I thought it was safe enough to take her to the sitters.  We loaded up her food, some toys and put her in the backseat with a blanket to sleep on.  As we were making our way out of the neighborhood, Lexi began scratching at the sides of the car doors.  City Boy took noticed and said, “I hope she’s scratching because she’s excited and not because she has to go to the bathroom.”  It was hard to tell.  But, within 15 seconds we knew why … suddenly the car filled with the unmistakable aroma of dog shit.  She had sprayed diarrhea all over the back seat of the City Boy’s car!!  It was clear that she was upset about this, as was HE!  I immediately held onto her collar so she couldn’t roll around in it, we rolled down all the windows and sun roof, and the City Boy started an understandable tirade about what a horrible day this had been, and how in the world was he going to clean this up?  After a few moments of listening to him blow off steam, I couldn’t contain the laughter any more. 

You know when you are in the middle of a situation that you KNOW for a fact you will find humorous SOME DAY?  This was it!  My thought process at the time was, “why wait?”  It was funny!  The City Boy quickly reminded me that I wouldn’t find it so funny if it had happened in my car, and he was probably right, but the fact was – it WASN’T my car.  I volunteered to clean it up when we returned home, and told him to not worry about it until then.  I know … much easier said than done.

So, we dropped Lexi off with the couple we received her from.  They had missed the puppies and were wanting a “fix” anyway.  I made sure to warn them that we were in the process of switching dog food and apologized in advance for any misfortune they experienced as a result.  I gave them permission to keep her outside with her mom and dad if they felt it necessary and we headed home in a shit-filled car.

No doubt about it … the City Boy had had a shitty day!

Side note: we found out once we got home and read the bag again, that we had been feeding her too much food, which we believe is the cause of her upset tummy.  Pieter has been doing great with it.  He loves the food, and hasn’t had any further accidents in the house.  Now that we understand the daily amounts appropriate for Lexi’s weight we are expecting very good things.

So, if anyone is interested in knowing more about the food, please let me know and I’ll be happy to pass along the link.


One Response to City Boy Has a Bad Day!

  1. Kelli says:

    Oooh, like when you accidentally pour yourself a normal size cereal bowl of Fiber One. That only happens once.
    Glad you were able to see the humor in this!

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