Last weekend was not a time for me to have a puppy.  Actually, let me take that back … right now PERIOD is not a good time for me to have a puppy.  I have been so easily agitated and irritable these last 6 weeks, and unfortunately you are more likely to find me in a bad mood than a nice one, which sucks.  I try to make myself feel better by at least acknowledging that I’m being nasty, rather than running amuck and not taking responsibility for it.  It seems like I am constantly apologizing when at home.  And I feel horrible about it.  I just am lacking the necessary patience to be involved with other life forms at the moment.

Sure, I did the usual: “Oh it’s just PMS” thing.  Then, I miscalculated and thought maybe I was pregnant and that was the perfect justification!  But it turns out I’m not … pregnant, that is.  I’m just a bitch because of stress and frustration over a few situations.  And, honestly, if I were pregnant it would be a great scape goat, but would definitely only add to the current stress.  Now just isn’t the right time.

Usually, my funk doesn’t present too bad of problem, but last night I think the City Boy and I were both in foul moods.  I came home and had a melt down that I felt chained to the downstairs of my home.  With the puppy constantly chewing and jumping and trying to climb upstairs I feel like I can’t do anything I want or need to do (like laundry, cleaning the house, getting on my laptop, etc.)  CB told me last night that he had the same thoughts and suggested we just take turns watching the pup so the other can get done what is needed.  I liked the idea, so I went first.

Last night I had 2 entire hours in the evening to catch up on random organization activities: I put away last week’s laundry, gathered up this week’s laundry, cleaned the bathroom, made the bed, and sat in the silence of our bedroom with my laptop and backed-up important information to DVD.  Nothing extravagant, but when I think of all the little things that have been going by the wayside, I felt better.  Only after I was finished and it was time to go to bed did I realize that CB wasn’t feeling so hot either.  And then I felt bad for basking in the silence and not considering that maybe he needed that too.  Guess I’ll be making that up to him this weekend.

Tonight we are driving to Lakeland to meet with one of CB’s college buddies for a wine tasting.  With the upcoming trip to Cincinnati next week, paying for our wedding photographer, and sending my application fee for the Florida Mortgage Brokers license my first reaction to going was, “NOooooo!  Not another thing that requires dollars!”  But, I think he needs some time with a buddy.  So, we’re going.  It will be fun … I just need to pull my head out of my ass and relax for crying out loud.


In other, although relative, news I ordered clickers last week from eBay.  So, we are in the beginning stages of training Lexi with it.  Before exiling myself to the bedroom last night I took her outside and started some of the training.  It was so fun to see her “get it”.

Last week we really struggled with all the biting she does.  It’s play biting … but still.  That HURTS and it’s annoying, and it’s hard not to get angry with her when she bites too hard.  I’ve tried several tactics to minimize the behavior, but was coming up horribly short … and short tempered (see beginning of this post).  So, when all else failed, I went to YouTube.  I found a trainer who suggested that when puppies play bite with humans, the best way to make them stop is to mimic the behavior of one of their canine playmates.  Yelp.  This is how dogs communicate to each other that, “Hey that hurts Dude”.  And it’s true, because that’s what happens every time Lexi and Pieter play together.  So, all day on Sunday when she would put her mouth on our hands, fingers or toes we would over exaggerate the pain and say very loudly, “OUCH!”  And it worked!  We are still working on her, and she does need reminder yelps from time to time, but she is learning which is the main thing. 

Lexi is a German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix.  We looked it up and both breeds are within the top 10 most intelligent dog breeds, so we’re confident that she can in fact learn.  We just need to learn how to communicate what we want with her. 

See!? When I’m in a good mood I think I have the right attitude with her … it has just been a struggle to stay balanced lately.  I am hoping that September is a better month for us than August was.  I blame my split-personalities primarily on adjusting to the new house, having less funds to work with due to wedding expenses, new house expenses, puppy expenses, etc. 


In the meantime, I need to just take a deep breath and realize that I can’t control everything.  Everything is not up to me to fix … and just shut the hell up already!  I wish I could be clicker trained sometimes.


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