“Friday” Spells “Random”

I bought the movie “Taken” last night.  We watched it while dining on a $2.97 bottle of Shiraz and pizza.  I liked it.  The City Boy’s 6-word review is this: “The poor man’s Bourne Supremacy”.  He really loves action movies.  I’m not so fond of them.  I have a hard time keeping my limbs from flailing about as some sort of attempt to help the “good guy” in a fight.  I can usually watch any movie in utter silence … but during an action movie I sound like someone suffering with Tourette’s. “Watch out!” “BASTARD!!” “Run, run.” “No! Don’t go in there you Dumb Ass!!” 

And, yes, I am one of those annoying people who verbalize their prediction of the outcome.  You know, because if I end up right I want it to be noted that I called it.  It’s a strange phenomenon.  Any other type of movie and I am perfectly quiet (unless it’s a comedy and I’m laughing), and I want everyone else to exhibit the same behavior.  Action?  Different ballgame.


We’ve decided to go back to the drawing board on wedding plans.  For this, I am (a) devastated, because I really fell in love with the place I put a deposit on back in June.  (b) elated, because it means I won’t go bankrupt planning a ridiculous party that is forced to end at 11:00pm anyway (c) excited, that I can at least make a decision NOW (unlike the past few months obviously because this means I will have now lost $1,000 in deposits to 2 different venues) and stick to it.  I’m thinking perhaps of using my aunt and uncle’s HUGE house and yard for the venue?  They have a gorgeous house that is perfect (and was actually designed) for entertaining.  I’m not sure what the City Boy will think of it though … or, least not my aunt & uncle.  Maybe I can spring it on them when I’m in town for Labor Day?


On my drive to and from work I pass a large cattle farm.  In the afternoons, the cows meander closer to the road, and due to a very slow-turning stop light, I usually sit and visit with the cows for a few minutes before pulling forward onto the next road.  I’ve always been an animal lover.  ALWAYS.  And not just cats & dogs.  Frogs, rabbits, snakes, fish, cows, goats, kittens, ducks, etc.  All of them.  Since moving to Florida my heart has become EVEN fonder of Sand Hill Cranes, frogs, lizards, alligators, and cows specifically.  I tell this to the City Boy and he looks at me and (without a doubt, every time) says, “You are definitely not a girly girl.”  I personally think it has nothing to do with being a girl.  Just someone who loves animals. 

Anyway, have you ever looked into the eye of a cow? (SIDE NOTE: In Freshman Biology, we dissected cows’ eyeballs.  So, quite literally, I have looked into the eye of a cow.)  But I’m talking about looking into the eye of a cow whom is ALIVE and still has his eyeball intact.  There’s something about them that seems so soulful.  Like, if only we could speak with each other I’m sure we’d be friends.  I know it’s weird.  Hey … if I’m pregnant we can blame the hormones for all this “crazy talk”!


Oh yes, my puppy has explosive diarrhea.  That’s right.  She eats breakfast … she’s fine for about an hour then, BLAUGH!  Yesterday I stayed home from work to clean up her kennel twice.  Poor girl had to be confined to her kennel until we could see improvement on her condition.  Of course, she was let outside 6 or 7 times to run, take a walk, play with Pieter, etc.  Hopefully it passes soon.  I think she upset her tummy by chewing mulch the other day.

In other news … we are going to attempt clicker training with her.  I ordered our clickers over the weekend (hopefully they arrive soon) and have found a great trainer on … drum roll … YouTube.  Look her up, KikoPup.  She’s got several training videos and she makes it look so easy.  God, please grant me patience and perseverance. 

Guess my mantra can be, “I WILL have a well behaved, well balanced, well socialized puppy who does not bite me or eat my couch!”  The updates should be interesting.  Wish us luck! 


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