Spontaneous: without effort or premeditation

Okay, so after sitting and hemming and hawing and feeling sorry for myself last Friday about not being able to see and hold and touch Brooks, or hug my little sister who I worried terribly about … I took an impromptu road trip to KY to see the family, and greet the newest member of the clan.  Unfortunately, the City Boy wasn’t able to go with me (he opted to stay home with the pups, and he had to work early on Monday) so it was just me, a Mountain Dew & the open road.

I left my house in Florida at 4:15pm and pulled into my parents’ driveway Saturday morning at 5:45am.  A world record … especially when you consider the fact that I was up for a continuous 24 hours (exactly) and that I was delirious to the point of hallucinations for the last 200 miles.   The trip was fast … I was out the door and heading back for home at 11:30am Sunday morning.  So, the weekend breaks down like this:

28 hours driving

8 hours sleeping

2 hours eating

8 hours in the hospital with Sarah & Brooks

2 hours in the nursing home with my grandfather

I was trying to surprise the family and just show up at the butt crack of dawn Saturday morning … but my mom called and could tell I was in the car.  I tried to think of a quick fib, and told her I was just going to the store to pick up some groceries.

“You’re on your way up here, aren’t you?!”

There went the surprise.  But, it was nice because when I got tired, she gave me a call to keep me company on the trek up North … or at least until 1 am when she went to sleep.  Austin wanted me to wake him up when I got there, so I jumped on him, told him to scoot over, and fell asleep with him in his bed.  It was the best 4 hours of sleep I’ve ever had!

I managed through Florida with little incident, unless you count my encounter with this fellow …


We were clipping along at a good pace, when suddenly it was evident that I had just plowed through a wall of “dead human stench”.  I looked around to see if I had just passed a mountain of road kill, but the roads appeared to be clear; I looked in my rear view to see if I had just driven over a dead carcass of some sort, but that was clear as well.  Then, I glanced to my left and saw this van trailing behind it an old camper.  Ah ha!  Whoever was driving that van was hauling some poor soul’s rotting corpse up I-75.

My cat-like reflexes were fast on the drawl and I grabbed the Crackberry for a picture, hoping to score the license plate, but it appears I was not successful.  The criminal has escaped and hopefully wherever he parks that thing, the neighbors will be fast to respond and call the authorities. 

Anyway, back to my journey …

I have always loved road trips.  You have so much more control than traveling by air, bus or train.  YOU can set the pace, the schedule, the restroom breaks, etc.  And since I was driving alone, it gave me time to think and listen to my music, and it also afforded me yet another excuse to buy a box of Little Debbie Zebra Cakes.

We will be going back to KY for Labor Day weekend so I can attend my future sister-in-law’s bachelorette party and bridal shower … and so we can hang out with the little Fraggle, Brooks.  I decided months ago that we would drive.  I love the drive up there, through the mountains, and the trees, and the hills and I want the City Boy to see how beautiful it is.  He gets incredibly nervous driving through hilly or curvy terrain (and I do not at all) so since I’ll be driving it will give him an opportunity to relax and just take it all in.  I’m hoping we can pull over off the side of the interstate while in the mountains and take some pretty pictures, and I am also hoping that he enjoys the trip.  It is much easier to be spontaneous with road trips than with airline travel … plus we won’t have to go through government frisking.  Don’t get me wrong, FRISKING is quite okay in my book, as long as you can choose the one who does it … oh, and as long as it isn’t at gunpoint with my shoes off.


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