Feels Like A Monday

I started this day at 5:30am, yet somehow didn’t look at a clock in the house until 8:07am, I was already 7 minutes late for work and hadn’t even put clothes on!  How did this happen?  “No worries”, I said to myself (sometimes I’m a little too laid back for my own good).  I just decided to work from home instead.  Besides, Lexi could use some attention and exercise today, and I really don’t feel like traveling 30 miles to read blogs, when I can do it from the comfort of home, you know?

Lexi @ exactly 8 weeks

Lexi @ exactly 8 weeks

So, here I sit in my new home office.  It is absolutely pitiful!  It’s the biggest bedroom of the house and I don’t even have a reasonable desk.  But, it’s still early.  We’ve lived here only 3 weeks, so I’m giving myself some time for actual furnishings.

0908 - Lexi - Pieter & Lexi

Anyway, back to my previous paragraph about this morning.  I woke up a total crab ass, and it wasn’t until around 10am that it wore off.  And I’ve finally gotten Lexi down for a long nap, so I’m seriously contemplating taking a snooze right here on the office floor next to Pieter … yes, I am THAT tired.

So, while I slumber please take a gander at our new girl, Lexi.  She’s 1/4 German Shepherd & 3/4 Rottweiler.  She is almost 9 weeks old and is very smart and cute.  Seeing her and Pieter play together is an absolute riot, although it makes me terribly nervous that she will hurt him.  He’s so fragile and little. 

Lexi & Daddy

Lexi & Daddy

So tell me, if you had a freakishly wimpy dog would you trust him around bigger canines? 

He's just so darn cute ... in an alien sort of way

He's just so darn cute ... in an alien sort of way


3 Responses to Feels Like A Monday

  1. atpanda says:

    I just wanted to thank you for visiting my blog last week and leaving a sweet comment. It meant a lot.
    And oh my goodness! What adorable beasts! Your Lexi looks just like our rottie mix did at that age. Love that monster! 🙂
    Take care,

  2. Muse says:

    I wish I had the option to work from home. Geez. Lexi what a cutie

  3. E says:

    Yes, she’s very cute … and getting big so fast. However, she is having about of diahrea today, so I’m home again. I have ordered a clicker so we can start clicker training on her this weekend. I’m so excited and very optimistic.

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