Enjoying The 1, Before There Are 2

Pieter in his "sweet spot"
Pieter in his “sweet spot”

This is the last week of just having 1 pup in the house. Read: this is the last week of calm and serenity in the house, like for the rest of our lives!

0907 - Misc - Pieter In The Sun2

In preparation, we cleaned, we hung mini blinds (because the neighbors were probably sick of watching us walk around half naked), we took Pieter to get his nails clipped, and followed it up with a trip to the lakeside park.

I took some video of our time there. Pieter was absolutely pooped after about 20 minutes so it didn’t even give us a chance to get bored. That little guy definitely needs to work on his stamina.

Happy & tired, as all dogs should be

Happy & tired, as all dogs should be

There have been moments this week that I’ve felt so excited to be bringing Lexi home, and I think about how great it will be for Pieter to feel a little more protected … for him to have someone to play with and boss around. But then I remember that he is a very wimpy dog. He is easily intimidated, and – call me crazy – but I think bringing home a German Shepherd/Rottie mix could have an adverse affect on him than just “another playmate”. I feel guilty.

Check out that tongue!

Check out that tongue!

So, here are some shots of my little man – pre-Lexi, that is.


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