We will be bringing home a bundle of joy next weekend … an 8-week old German Shepherd/Rottweiler pup.  We’ve met her, love her and have named her Lexi.  I’m excited to get to know her better, and am very hopeful that she and Pieter quickly become friends and that she doesn’t suddenly become the giant monster that lives to dominate and scare the crap out of my baby Pieter.  I’ve dealt with new puppies before, but being that she is going to be a large breed dog, with all the stigmas that come attached, we are very adamant that she be healthy, balanced, and well trained.  So, I’ve spent the last hour or so reading up on basic “puppy preparation” articles.

As I’m reading, I think it’s very funny that we ever found a way to love these carnivorous, chewing, gnawing, urinating beasts!  I mean, seriously … we spend all this time and effort selecting nice homes, painstakingly choose furniture and décor, agonize over not spilling anything on the carpet or staining the flooring or walls … and then we invite an 8-week old WILD ANIMAL to come in and live with us!?!  What the hell is wrong with us?

Take a look at this paragraph, taken directly from an online article about puppies:

“In fact, biting and nursing is all puppies do at this stage, besides emptying their bowels and bladder at regular intervals.  When they arrive in your home, they bring all these behaviors with them.  In these new and unfamiliar surroundings, your pup begins to search for his litter mates and potential bite victims, and lo, he finds them soon enough – your hands and ankles!” 

Oh yeah, I can’t wait!!  Bring it on.

Another thing, anyone who knows me knows that I am a planner.  Okay, that is an understatement.  I don’t really think there is anything “extreme” about my planning practices, but I’m positive there are people who would disagree quite aggressively with that opinion.  I’m a list-maker, a checker-offer, a calendar updater.  Oh – and I get very agitated when life doesn’t quite agree to the plans I’ve made for it.  Now, I don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing.  I happen to be someone who takes responsibility seriously, therefore I want to make sure I have covered all the bases and won’t leave anyone hanging so to speak.  So, as is fitting of my personality I jotted down a few sample routines for us to follow once the pup is in our care.

Typically, our day consists of: working out, work, eating, and relaxing.  So, a normal work day for us right now might look like this:


6:30am – rise & shower7:15am – head to work

5:15pm – arrive home

8:00pm – jog or workout

10:00pm – hit the hay

And usually, Pieter gets taken out in the morning, when we return from work, and before bed.  Puppies require more exercise, attention, and more potty breaks and & socialization.  So, this is not something we can ignore … we must find a way to introduce these things into our pretty low maintenance current schedule.  Here is my proposition:

5:00am – jog w/ dogs6:30am – shower

7:15am – relieve dogs; head to work

5:15pm – return; relieve & play w/ dogs

8:00pm –workout

9:00pm – return; relieve & play w/ dogs

10:00pm – hit the hay

 It seems harmless.  It looks like just a few little tweaks to the schedule, right?  It’s going to be so great to have a puppy again … now that we have the room, and can run and take her outside.  I think Pieter will enjoy her as well, and when he’s had enough and needs to hide from the crazy beast he can retreat to our bedroom or any other location he deems suitable for exile.    But, still, there is a growing fear inside of me that says, “RUN! Your life is about to go to hell!!”

But, who can resist puppy dog eyes?  Seriously … my fiancé can really turn on the “please please” when he wants to.


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