Beginnings …

A year ago, we were splitting our time between work, the gym, his place & mine.  It was new love.  The kind we had waited our entire lives for, and while we enjoyed every fraction of every moment of it, there was the nagging feeling of anxiety while we waited for the other shoe to drop.  I was convinced that at any point in time he would spill the beans and tell me about his 13 children from 11 different mothers.  There just had to be SOMETHING wrong with him, but I couldn’t imagine what it could be, so I naturally braced myself for the worst!  That conversation never presented itself.  All through the summer I spoke to my girlfriends and can recall saying repeatedly “I just didn’t realize human beings were physically capable of being this happy”.  It blew my mind!  Rocked my world!  Made me question all the other things I thought I knew about the world and life within it.


A month later, he flew with me to Kentucky to meet my family for the first time.  Three weeks after that, we packed up and moved from Jacksonville to Orlando, and began the adventure of life together.  With the economy being what it is currently, our life isn’t exactly as we anticipated when we made the plans and packed the U-Haul, but I can honestly say that we are happy with each other.   And there hasn’t been much rest either.  We’ve flown to Chicago and Cincinnati, traveled to several beach locations within Florida, became engaged, I started a business, we just moved into our first house together last week, and yesterday we put a deposit down on a new puppy.


Presently, money is extremely tight – bad economy, planning a wedding, buying a house.  I’m working 2 ½ jobs and have put my business on hold for a few months while we try to take care of wedding deposits and furnishing the house.  And the gym – the place where we met and the activities that we share in common – has taken a back seat to stress and work and packing and planning.  But now that we are moved in, it’s time to setup new routines and re-visit the plans we want to accomplish. 


Light is just around the corner – we can see it, and are naturally beginning to squint our eyes in anticipating of the blaze … but I’m fighting it.  I don’t want to block out of my vision any miracle that makes its way to us.  This is it!  The beginning … don’t squint it out.


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